How to Sell a Home When You Have Pets

There are many people out there who love their pets. We get it, we love our pets too. Unfortunately, pets can get in the way when you are looking to sell your home. Here are a few quick tips to help you keep both prospective buyers and your furry friends happy when selling your home.

Put in Garage or in Another Room

This is one option but is probably the least feasible of the ideas listed here. This is because you can’t be sure how your pets will react to strangers being in the home. There is also the concern of what might happen if someone were to open the door where the animal is. Will this be safe for the prospective buyers or your animal? It also prevents prospective buyers from getting to view some parts of your property. When you combine these two factors of a barking dog and not being able to see your garage some buyers might simply write your home off and move on to the next one. We don’t want this as we definitely want to work to show your home in the best possible light.

Crate your Animals

If you have to leave your pets home this is probably the best solution. Crating the animal provides a safe barrier between potential buyers and your pet that they will not accidently let the animal out of. Unfortunately, this solution can come with the issues of having a barking dog, or a hissing cat taking away from the ability of the buyer to focus on your home. The best solution will always be to have an empty and quiet home. However, if that is not possible the crate is the next best thing.

Take Pets Out 

Since it isn’t appropriate for you to be present during the showing of a property so if you have to leave you might also take fido with you. Removing all pets (except perhaps fish) allows the best possible environment for a potential buyer to view your home. It also ensures that they do not simply abandon their showing because of a disruptive animal. Use a showing as an opportunity to take your dog to the dog park. They will certainly appreciate it.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We can discuss potential solutions to any issues involved with how to sell a home when you have pets. Trust us, we have seen almost everything.