Culture Makes Fort Collins Special

Fort Collins is a great place.  As we discussed earlier the trail system is a major contributor to our sense of place.  However there is so much more about Fort Collins that makes it a great place to live.  Our local culture makes Fort Collins special. With that in mind here are some pieces of our local culture that set Fort Collins apart from other communities in the area, and nationwide. 

Art in Public Places

First, Fort Collins enjoys the beauty of art in public places. Art helps to form the culture that makes Fort Collins special This program was started in 1995 to bring art to outdoor spaces for all to enjoy.  This includes painting on transformer boxes around town, pavers in sidewalks and pianos around town.  This program showcases local artists work and even children are able to get involved with the sidewalk pavers. You can learn more about this program here.

Pianos About Town

This project started in Fort Collins in 2010.  Pianos about town is a seasonal project that combines art and music. Each spring more than one dozen pianos are painted by local artists and then the pianos are placed about town for people to play.  I recall sitting at a restaurant patio last summer.  While we ate someone walking by one of the pianos sat down at the piano and started to play.  All of us sitting on the patio enjoyed the spontaneous music of this person for the brief time that they entertained us. You can learn more about Pianos About Town from their website

Alley Beautification

In 2004 the City of Fort Collins began a strategic alley beatification project. The purpose was to improve the beauty of the alleys in Old Town and make the alleys more pedestrian friendly. Since the inception of this project, seven different alleys have been beautified.  The process includes adding pavers, planters, art, lighting and more to make the use of the space more desirable. Some local artists have added art to the alleys too! You can find out the locations of these works of art from the Downtown Development Authority’s website.

Live concerts in Old Town and at CSU

We do love our arts and music in Fort Collins.  During the summer enjoy live music in Old Town or at the Lagoon on Colorado State University’s campus.  The schedule of the concerts, location and who is preforming will vary from year to year, but how much locals enjoy this tradition does not change. Concert lists are updated annually for CSU at their website.

Culture Makes Fort Collins Special, But There Is So Much to Enjoy

It is hard not to mention our over 300 days of sunshine a year.  While the sun is shining you can enjoy outdoor recreation at Horsetooth Reservoir which is just outside of town, or enjoy a hike at Lory State Park or Horsetooth Mountain Park.  If something a bit easier is more to your liking, enjoy one of our many city parks or how about a visit to The Farm at Lee Martinez Park.  It is an actual working farm.

Additionally, there is always the Discovery Science Museum just north of Old Town.  How about a stop and a sip at one of our local brewers?  There is always the option of visiting The Gardens at Spring Creek.  They are not just to visit in the spring and summer. They are beautifully decorated for the holidays too.  I guess that is one of the other things that makes Fort Collins so special. There is always something to do here. Contact Us if you would like some personalized recommendations or for a free tour of the area. You can call this amazing area your home too.