Trails Make Fort Collins Special

One of the questions that I am frequently asked by people is what makes Fort Collins special.  Above all, it is truly the trails that make Fort Collins special. For instance, the City of Fort Collins has nearly 50 miles of trials.  These trails and are wide and beautiful.  In other words, they are perfect for biking, walking running and even dog walking.  Today, I would like to highlight several of our special trails.

Poudre River Trail (12.3 miles through Fort Collins)

This paved trail is our longest trail. Poudre River Trail starts in Laporte on the west and follows the Poudre River through Fort Collins. It ends at the Environmental Learning Center, on the east side of town.  There are bathrooms along the way and several drinking fountains that can be used in season.  This trail is planned to connect us with Windsor and Greeley when it is complete.  The trail is projected to be completed by 2023. Views along the way are wonderful and wildlife can also often be seen.

Spring Creek Trail (6.6 miles)

Spring Creek Trail is another popular trail that runs east and west along Spring Creek through Fort Collins. This trail begins at Spring Canyon Community Park on the west side of town. Spring Creek trail then ends at the confluence of the Poudre River and Spring Creek. 

Mason Trail (4 miles)

This trail runs north to south through Fort Collins extending from Prospect Road to Fossil Creek Trail.  The trail runs along the RR tracks just west of College Ave.  This trail is often used by bike riders to get across town.  It also provides easy access to Max bus system.

Fossil Creek Trail (8.5 miles)

One of the special things about this trail is that it will connect you to the Loveland Trail System.  This trail begins at Spring Canyon Community Park.  Fossil Creek Trail takes you to Fossil Creek Park in Southeast Fort Collins.  This park is the cities second largest park behind City Park.  Additionally, if the trail is taken into Loveland you can enjoy a ride along Boyd Lake. 

Trails Make Fort Collins Special

These trails are well maintained year around and that maintenance includes prompt snow removal after snow storms.  Additionally, many of the trails use tunnels under streets so that streets do not have to be crossed.  Whether you want a workout or just a short ride with the family, Fort Collins trails have something for everyone. In conclusion, the trails are one of the things that makes Fort Collins special. Pick a trial and get out and enjoy. Or, contact us for personalized recreation recommendations.