Disc Golf Course in Fort Collins

There are quite a few disc golf course in Fort Collins. Disc Golf is a popular sport in Fort Collins and Greater Northern Colorado. This is reflected by the sheer number and quality of courses that we are fortunate enough to have here. Locals often have their top courses that they continue to play over and over again. Our local courses vary from beginner friendly to expert. With that in mind we will break down the different courses beginning with the easiest and moving to the most difficult at the end. Of course, any article like this is likely to be subjective so please don’t @ us if you don’t agree with our assessment. Make sure to download Udisc to get more in depth information on each of these courses.

Boltz Junior High

First, Boltz is one of our personal favorite disc golf course in Fort Collins. This is a 9 hole course with short-medium drives and relatively easy difficulty. As this course is mostly open there isn’t a lot to get in your way. However, beware of the tennis courts which are often locked. This can make retrieving an mis-thrown disc difficult. There is also a water hazard running down the middle of the course. The ditch can vary in moisture content depending on the season. You definitely want to be more concerned with in in spring and summer. Park by the tennis courts to find hole 1 near the massive cottonwood tree on the West side.

Cache La Poudre Middle School

Second is CLP which is a really fun course. While technically not “in” Fort Collins city limits it has earned its spot on this list. CLP is a 9 hole course with short drives and easy to moderate difficulty. This course is all about control with lots of big trees and plants to eat discs. The benefit is that lots of trees also mean lots of shade in the spring and summer. When arriving, park in the school lot after hours/on the weekend. From there find hole 1 near their outdoor amphitheater.

Fort Collins High School

Third is FCHS which is a pretty wide open 9 hole course with medium drives and easy to moderate difficulty. FCHS is usually one of the least crowded courses on any given day. Unlike CLP, FCHS openness means less shade in the hotter months which is something to keep in mind. Park on the Southwest corner of the high school building to find hole 1 to the West.

Aggie Greens

Aggie Greens is an 18 hole course with long drives and a moderate difficulty. It is a newer course without a lot of older growth trees which can mean hotter play in the summer. This is a course you should make sure to play at least once while in Fort Collins. CR23 will take you directly to the proper parking area.

Edora Disc Golf Course Fort Collins

Finally, Edora is an 18 hole course with medium to long drives and a hard difficulty. With this in mind, long driving ability is a must on this course or it can quickly become a slog. It is easy to mix things up with long holes interspaced with shorter ones. With 18 holes there is a lot of opportunity to mix up your play if you don’t want to do it in order. Edora is a well known course and as such it is often crowded on weekends. Park near the pool and ice center to find hole 1 down the hill to the North.

Hopefully you were able to discover a new disc golf course in Fort Collins from this list. As always if you have any questions or need any recommendations about the Fort Collins and Greater Northern Colorado area we are here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us for any of your needs.

10 Reasons Why Fort Collins Sucks

Fort Collins Colorado sucks even though it seems to make it to the top of every “best of” list out there. With this high ranking has come a lot of attention from people who might be looking to relocate. If you are considering moving here, let us save you some time so that you can consider other areas. 

Nice Weather

Fort Collins gets on average 300 days of sunshine each year. Take it from us, nice weather gets old. We often get seasonal depression in the summer as it begins to feel like groundhog day with the same cloudless days and warm temperatures continuing ad nauseam. You would probably be happier in a place that has actual weather like the Pacific Northwest.

Too many restaurants.

If you want to open a restaurant, Fort Collins is not for you. With more restaurants per capita than any place West of the Mississippi many new restaurants close with some of the long term institutions beating them out for their customers. If you are just someone who likes to go out to eat, good luck figuring out where you want to go. There are simply too many choices and you will likely forget about some restaurants if you don’t happen to be on that side of town. It is truly unfortunate. 

Street Art Everywhere

Lots of cities have graffiti all over their utility boxes. This tends to make it easy to tell which gang’s territory you happen to be in. Not so in Fort Collins. Many of our utility boxes are painted by local artists. Does this mean there is a gang of artists? 


Most places have terrible traffic on the roads. We do too, but Fort Collins sucks because of the traffic on the trails. Your ears will be ringing with “on your left” from all the cyclists that pass you on a leisurely Saturday morning walk on the trail. With more than 40 miles of paved trail it would seem that no place is safe from cyclists and runners. It’s usually best to just stay home.

Pianos About Town

Some parts of town look like an apartment complex dumpster after the first of the month will all the pianos left to and fro. Even worse, some of our more musically inclined residents even play them, filling the air with spontaneous music. Who needs that?

Fort Collins Connexion

The City has begun offering the internet as a utility. Who wants reliable high speed internet? We know many people who enjoy fighting with Comcast or another ISP about their ever fluctuating bill, service outages, and slow internet speeds. It truly is the holy trinity of a good time. So who would want reliable high speed internet from the same people who provide water and electricity? This is just nonsense.

Too Many Local Industries. 

Most normal places are reliant on one major industry such as oil and gas, timber, or tech. Not so in Fort Collins. Our top local employers are spread out across a number of industries. From Colorado State University to UC Health, Broadcom to Otterbox, New Belgium Brewery to Woodward Governor not to mention local government administration for the city and county. Unfortunately, if you are hoping to find an affordable home this means property values will always remain high since downturns in one industry won’t cause a mass exodus of area residents.

Colorado State University

From game day football traffic to crowded bars and restaurants in old town on the weekends it’s no secret that CSU has a major effect on Fort Collins. As one of the area’s largest employers and with many alumni staying in the area, if you don’t like the color green or you attended CU, you might find it difficult to spend any length of time here.

Natural Areas

Another reason that Fort Collins sucks is Four words, annoying natural lands everywhere. Seriously everywhere. The Fort Collins Natural Areas Department has set out the goal for everyone in town to be a ten minute walk from nature. In order to achieve this there are pocket natural areas all over town. If you like to see the way the pilgrims lived this might be appealing, but for the rest of us who live in modern times we need wifi and places to plug in our hovercars.

Magazines Are Just Trying to Sell Ads and Subscriptions

Don’t believe the hype from Money Magazine, Outside or anyone else, they don’t live here. Just ask yourself if you knew about a gem of a place to live would you scream it from the rooftops for thousands of people to hear, or just keep it to yourself and your closest friends? That is exactly what is happening here, your best bet is to find places that never win awards or are nominated for best of lists. We guarantee that’s where those rich magazine executives live!

If it isn’t clear this was our attempt at some tongue in cheek humor this April Fools Day. While we all fondly remember the good ole days of a young and small Fort Collins, as it has continued to grow it remains a great place to call home. If you have made it this far and still want to move here please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to help you find your new home.

How Much Snow Does Fort Collins Get

Two of the top questions that I am frequently asked by relocation buyers are: How is the weather? How much snow does Fort Collins get in the winter.  In Fort Collins we get over 300 days of sunshine a year.  That means if you like sunshine you will probably like the weather in Fort Collins.  The other question regarding how much snowfall we get may require a bit more information than just a number.  On average we get 55 inches of snow a season.  There is the number, now you would probably like some more detail about what that means.

Snow Way!

Snow in Fort Collins can occur early, sometimes in late September or October and can also occur in May.  That is a long stretch of time, but understand early snow and late snow are not always the case. In 2021-2022 snow season we did not get real measurable snow until December 31.  It was quite a shock to all of us. 

Big Storms Happen

An interesting snow fact is that March is our snowiest month.  So when some parts of the country are getting spring flowers blooming, we may be getting a big snowfall. The nice thing about spring snow is that our daytime temperatures are usually warmer, so even a big snow does not stick around very long.  We had a record breaking snow about 20 years ago where we had over 30 inches of snow the middle of March.  Fort Collins did not see much movement for several days while the City cleared streets. Life did get back to normal pretty quickly, but that is a snow that we still talk about.

For You Ski Bums

I am also frequently asked how close is the closest ski resort.  We have several options for you and none of them require getting on I-70 and driving through the Eisenhower Tunnel.  The first option is Eldora Mountain Ski Resort, in Nederland, CO.  This ski resort is just 1 hour and 45 minutes from Fort Collins.  Another option is Steamboat Springs ski resort.  That is over 3 hours away and includes a beautiful drive up the Poudre Canyon.  The best kept secret is Snowy Range Ski Area in Wyoming.  It is only 1 hour and 45 minutes away and always has the shortest lift lines and the is the least expensive option in the area. You can drive to Denver and get on I-70 and ski the resorts that Colorado is known for like Vail, Breakenridge, Copper Mountain and the rest. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with traffic. 

We Still Have 300 Days of Sunshine

The Fort Collins area has so much to offer and great weather can be included in that list of reasons people love living here.  Summer time here does require air condition. We on average have over 40 days of over 90 degree temperatures in a season. That number has gone up over the years.  In the late 1980’s when I moved here A/C was considered a nicety but now it would be considered a necessity.

If you are considering a move to the Fort Collins area a knowledgeable real estate agent is a must.  Contact me and I will help you with navigating all the details required to call our great area home!

Culture Makes Fort Collins Special

Fort Collins is a great place.  As we discussed earlier the trail system is a major contributor to our sense of place.  However there is so much more about Fort Collins that makes it a great place to live.  Our local culture makes Fort Collins special. With that in mind here are some pieces of our local culture that set Fort Collins apart from other communities in the area, and nationwide. 

Art in Public Places

First, Fort Collins enjoys the beauty of art in public places. Art helps to form the culture that makes Fort Collins special This program was started in 1995 to bring art to outdoor spaces for all to enjoy.  This includes painting on transformer boxes around town, pavers in sidewalks and pianos around town.  This program showcases local artists work and even children are able to get involved with the sidewalk pavers. You can learn more about this program here.

Pianos About Town

This project started in Fort Collins in 2010.  Pianos about town is a seasonal project that combines art and music. Each spring more than one dozen pianos are painted by local artists and then the pianos are placed about town for people to play.  I recall sitting at a restaurant patio last summer.  While we ate someone walking by one of the pianos sat down at the piano and started to play.  All of us sitting on the patio enjoyed the spontaneous music of this person for the brief time that they entertained us. You can learn more about Pianos About Town from their website

Alley Beautification

In 2004 the City of Fort Collins began a strategic alley beatification project. The purpose was to improve the beauty of the alleys in Old Town and make the alleys more pedestrian friendly. Since the inception of this project, seven different alleys have been beautified.  The process includes adding pavers, planters, art, lighting and more to make the use of the space more desirable. Some local artists have added art to the alleys too! You can find out the locations of these works of art from the Downtown Development Authority’s website.

Live concerts in Old Town and at CSU

We do love our arts and music in Fort Collins.  During the summer enjoy live music in Old Town or at the Lagoon on Colorado State University’s campus.  The schedule of the concerts, location and who is preforming will vary from year to year, but how much locals enjoy this tradition does not change. Concert lists are updated annually for CSU at their website.

Culture Makes Fort Collins Special, But There Is So Much to Enjoy

It is hard not to mention our over 300 days of sunshine a year.  While the sun is shining you can enjoy outdoor recreation at Horsetooth Reservoir which is just outside of town, or enjoy a hike at Lory State Park or Horsetooth Mountain Park.  If something a bit easier is more to your liking, enjoy one of our many city parks or how about a visit to The Farm at Lee Martinez Park.  It is an actual working farm.

Additionally, there is always the Discovery Science Museum just north of Old Town.  How about a stop and a sip at one of our local brewers?  There is always the option of visiting The Gardens at Spring Creek.  They are not just to visit in the spring and summer. They are beautifully decorated for the holidays too.  I guess that is one of the other things that makes Fort Collins so special. There is always something to do here. Contact Us if you would like some personalized recommendations or for a free tour of the area. You can call this amazing area your home too.

Trails Make Fort Collins Special

One of the questions that I am frequently asked by people is what makes Fort Collins special.  Above all, it is truly the trails that make Fort Collins special. For instance, the City of Fort Collins has nearly 50 miles of trials.  These trails and are wide and beautiful.  In other words, they are perfect for biking, walking running and even dog walking.  Today, I would like to highlight several of our special trails.

Poudre River Trail (12.3 miles through Fort Collins)

This paved trail is our longest trail. Poudre River Trail starts in Laporte on the west and follows the Poudre River through Fort Collins. It ends at the Environmental Learning Center, on the east side of town.  There are bathrooms along the way and several drinking fountains that can be used in season.  This trail is planned to connect us with Windsor and Greeley when it is complete.  The trail is projected to be completed by 2023. Views along the way are wonderful and wildlife can also often be seen.

Spring Creek Trail (6.6 miles)

Spring Creek Trail is another popular trail that runs east and west along Spring Creek through Fort Collins. This trail begins at Spring Canyon Community Park on the west side of town. Spring Creek trail then ends at the confluence of the Poudre River and Spring Creek. 

Mason Trail (4 miles)

This trail runs north to south through Fort Collins extending from Prospect Road to Fossil Creek Trail.  The trail runs along the RR tracks just west of College Ave.  This trail is often used by bike riders to get across town.  It also provides easy access to Max bus system.

Fossil Creek Trail (8.5 miles)

One of the special things about this trail is that it will connect you to the Loveland Trail System.  This trail begins at Spring Canyon Community Park.  Fossil Creek Trail takes you to Fossil Creek Park in Southeast Fort Collins.  This park is the cities second largest park behind City Park.  Additionally, if the trail is taken into Loveland you can enjoy a ride along Boyd Lake. 

Trails Make Fort Collins Special

These trails are well maintained year around and that maintenance includes prompt snow removal after snow storms.  Additionally, many of the trails use tunnels under streets so that streets do not have to be crossed.  Whether you want a workout or just a short ride with the family, Fort Collins trails have something for everyone. In conclusion, the trails are one of the things that makes Fort Collins special. Pick a trial and get out and enjoy. Or, contact us for personalized recreation recommendations.

Best of NoCo 2021

We have been sharing with you things that we love about living in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. Today we want to share with you the results of Best of NoCo 2021.  An annual event that we enjoy every year is the “Best of NoCo.”  This popularity contest is done by survey and the top three businesses are disclosed in the NoCo Style magazine at the end of the year.  The magazine looks at over 200 business categories. The business categories include food, drink, health & beauty, home & garden, pet, recreation and entertainment and services. 

This survey takes almost an entire year to complete and promotes local, hardworking business and gives them the communities seal of approval and appreciation.  Being voted “best” is a high honor and can mean an uptick in business for the next year.  Each year there are new winners and old favorites.  There can even be a few surprises in the voting.

Here are some of the results of the Best of NoCo 2021 survey. 

We are just highlighting a few of the over 200 winners:

Best Mexican Dining…Blue Agave Grill, Fort Collins.

Best Italian Dining…Cacciatore and Heller’s Kitchen.

Best Ice Cream…Walrus Ice Cream, Fort Collins.

Best Barbecue…Nordy’s BBQ and Grill, Loveland.

Best Roofing Services…Anchor Roofing.  In this category my favorite came in second.  That is No Co Roofing.

Best Dog Park…Spring Canyon Park, Fort Collins.

Best Date Night Spot…Social, Fort Collins.

Best Book Store…Old Firehouse Books, Fort Collins.  

Best Hike…Rocky Mountain National Park.

Best Home Décor Store…Coxy Cottage, Fort Collins.

Best Hotel…Elizabeth Hotel, Fort Collins.   Remember this when you have those out-of-town guests.

Best Vegetarian Dining…Tasty Harmony, Fort Collins. Second place must be mentioned in this category because they have been around a long time and serve great food.  They are the Rainbow Restaurant, Fort Collins. 

Best Sandwiches…Snack Attack Specialty Sandwiches, Fort Collins.

If your favorite did not make the list this year

Make sure that you vote next year. You also may not agree with the vote.  If not, make sure you vote next year.  2021 was a challenging year for many of these businesses. They had to learn how to deal with the pandemic and shift to survive.  2021 was a year of turmoil.  Businesses had to deal with supply chain problems and staffing shortages.  All of this and still try to provide us with the great food and service that we expect. We appreciate all of these businesses and special places that make Northern Colorado the great place that it is. Remember to support our local businesses by shopping local! We are always happy to provide local recommendations. Contact Us with your questions.

What is Fort Collins Connexion and Why Should you Care?

Whether you have lived here forever, or you are new to town you have likely seen groups of workers on the sides of the road. As they work they unravel giant spools of orange conduit into the ground. This is part of a new City of Fort Collins initiative to provide Gigabit speed internet to residents for a low cost. This is their Fort Collins Connexion program.

Fort Collins Connexion Fiber Optic Junction Box

City Utilities

Since the city is a utility provider for services like water and electricity it only makes sense that they would continue down this path. They recognize that this means providing internet service. This is because internet is more of a must have utility than a luxury like cable television. Forward thinking Fort Collins Connexion is just one of the many things that sets our community here in Fort Collins apart from other places in the country. 

Lack of Competition

Many people are fed up with their current service provider because they do not have the opportunity to switch. In Fort Collins Xfinity has historically been the only option for high speed cable internet. This has all changed with Connexion. The reliability of this service should be on par with the other utilities provided by the city. This is because these fiber optic cables are buried just like most of our electrical infrastructure. It will only be a few short years before most homes in Fort Collins have access to reliable high speed internet at competitive prices.

Future Availability

Over the next few years the city is improving capacity around town. You will see door hangers will be left behind on homes when the service becomes available in their area. If you have recently moved to the area you might be curious if the service is available at your home. To learn more you can visit Fort Collins Connexion’s Website and sign up for email updates.

What’s It like to live in Vista Bonita, and the Trails at Vista Bonita

Vista Bonita and the Trials at Vista Bonita are located near Fort Collins, east of I-25, just north of Highway 14, before you get to County Road 5.  Vista Bonita saw the first homes being built in the neighborhood in the mid 1970’s.  The building continued until 2004 when the neighborhood was finally built out.  The last section of the neighborhood was named the Trails at Vista Bonita and has wonderful trails that snake through that portion of the neighborhood.  What is at the center of the neighborhood is Baker Lake.  It is a 13 acre lake stocked regularly with fish for the angler.  The lake attracts an abundance of wild life.  Other things to enjoy is the ability to swim in the clean water and use non-motorized or boats powered by electric motors.  Some homes are lake front and have the benefits of docks and easy access to the water.  Many people have lived in the neighborhood for years which makes for a delightful stable neighborhood. 

The neighborhood is known for its large yards.  The first homes that were built were on ½ acre lots.  Many of the homes have at least 10,000 sq ft yards and others are as large as 1/3 of an acre. The neighborhood, with the exception of the trails has no HOA and no convenances.  Vista Bonita has a rec association that costs less than $200 per year and with that you get full access to the lake.  

Vista Bonita is great for commuters being close to I-25.  Also it is a short drive to Old Town and does not take long to get to shopping along Harmony Road. With the location I-25 becomes your main street and provides you with the ability to get from the north side of town to the south quite quickly. 

Another things that is special about the neighborhood is its annual traditions that are quite special. One is the annual fishing derby. This is all about who can catch the most fish on a certain day.  Kids and adult participate and it is not uncommon for a child from the neighborhood to be the winner. Another annual tradition is the fourth of July celebration that includes breakfast for adults, a kids parade and the highlight is a HUGE fireworks display. 

This neighborhood is a special place to live.  Why not make Vista Bonita or the Trails at Vista Bonita your neighborhood!  Contact Lestel to get a personal tour or to find out about availability of homes in the neighborhood. 

Fort Collins Hidden Neighborhoods

Here’s one of the best kept secret in the area. There are some special Fort Collins Hidden Neighborhoods. North East Fort Collins, East of I-25 is a special area.  I frequently have buyers say, “I don’t want to live East of I-25.”  Here are some great neighborhoods that they are missing out on by saying that, Clydesdale Park and Estates, Serratoga Falls, Vista Bonita and Trails at Vista Bonita.  These neighborhoods are located East of I-25 just off Highway 14.   The location makes for easy commuting.  It also makes it quick and easy to get to almost anywhere in Fort Collins using I-25 as your main street. Each one of these neighborhoods is unique and special in their own way. 

Vista Bonita one of Fort Collins Hidden Neighborhoods

Vista Bonita was first built in the 1970’s. The neighborhood was finally completed in the mid 2000’s with the last section being named “Trails at Vista Bonita.”  Both of these neighborhoods share Baker Lake.  This lake is 13 acres, in the center of the neighborhood.  Residence use the lake for swimming, fishing, and non-motorized boats.  Moreover, the neighborhood is also known for their amazing Fourth of July celebration, highlighted by a great fireworks display. People love the neighborhood because it is quiet, close to everything and love the wildlife and the feeling of being away from it all.  Walking trails are also a big part of the neighborhood. 

Clydesdale Park and Clydesdale Estates

Just across Highway 14 from Vista Bonita is Clydesdale Park and Clydesdale Estates. This neighborhood was developed by Stoner in the early 2000’s. The unique style of the exterior elevations of the homes makes them have a “Colorado Style.”  The estates section of the neighborhood has large lots the Park section is known for the walking paths through the neighborhood and the small ponds that attract ducks and geese.  Additionally, views can be amazing from this neighborhood.  The undeveloped lots went to the bank during the financial crisis and the final lots were built out by Journey Homes and Richmond.  

Serratoga Falls

Serratoga Falls was intended to be a high end neighborhood when it was developed.  Home prices in 2007-2008 were to start in the $700,000’s and go up from there. Then the down turn in the housing market occurred and homes in that price range were not being built and people were not building custom homes. Today the neighborhood has a nice mix of homes and is delightful with extensive landscaping and open space throughout.  The mountain views from the neighborhood can be breathtaking. 

No matter what you have in mind when you say HOME….there is something to meet your needs in North East Fort Collins.  Go explore and you just might find HOME! Contact Us for assistance in finding the neighborhood that best meets your needs.

10 Things To Do In Fort Collins This Summer

Fort Collins is an award winning place to live. As things begin to reopen, here is a list of 10 things to do in Fort Collins this summer.

10 things to do in Fort Collins this summer

  • Catch a movie at the Holiday Twin Drive-In.  Nestled near the foothills of Fort Collins for almost 50 years, the Holiday Twin is one of Americas few remaining drive in movie theaters. Bring a blanket or camp chairs and head down out for that double feature.
  • Ride the Tolley.  Ride back in time on Birney Car 21, a restored 1919 street car that has been running its summer route from City Park up Mountain Ave. for 32 years.  Car 21 is owned by the city and operate by the volunteers of the Fort Collins Municipal Railway. Take a ride Noon to 5pm weekends from May through September.
  • Take a Dip.  Gather the kids for a day at the pool.  The city operate on outdoor pool.  City Park Pool, offers daily admission $7 for adults and $6 for children age 2 to 17 years of age. City Park Pool is not just a pool it also include water slides for fun. 
  • Want so more water fun?  Head to Horsetooth Reservoir.  There is no place quite like it.  Head to Inlet Bay Marina at 4314 Shoreline Drive to rent a boat, canoe, kayak, paddleboard or hydrobike.

Some Other Ideas

  • Do I even have to say it?  Go on a brewery tour,  Call head to schedule your tour of New Belgium to secure a spot or make a reservation 24 hours in advance for Odell’s tour.  We have a whopping 21 breweries so even it some don’t offer tours they are likely to have a patio for a relaxing spot for a beer. 
  • Tube the Poudre.  Why head to a water parks lazy river when we have one of our very own. From Mid-July through August dust off the tube stashed in the garage and drop it in the river for a cooling trip down the Poudre.  Know the dangers and tube at your own risk.  Note I did say Mid-July through August.  Earlier may have the river too high and moving too fast.
  • Bike to work. Every month is bike month in Fort Collins but June is actually Bike Month in Colorado.  To celebrate pedal yourself to work and enjoy all that our bike trails have to offer.  Find out more at the Bike to Work Website.
  • Go Put Putting!  Have some fun and play mini golf.  Fort Fun is located at 1513 E, Mulberry is just waiting for you with one of the most fun mini golf courses in the area.  They also offer go karts, bumper cars, giant slide and an arcade.  You do not have to be a kid to have fun here.

And Finally

  • Play a painted piano in Old Town. Pianos about town, brings locally painted pianos to our city’s nooks, crannies and alleys.  Thirteen donated pianos are all about town.  Sit down and show the world what you can do on a piano.  Is your song a simple one?
  • Catch a concert. Try out the Lagoon Summer Concert Series at Colorado State University. They are making a comeback after 2020 series being canceled.  This year they have two scheduled.  One on July 9th and the other on July 31.  Go to LagoonSeries.com for more information. Grab your lawn chair and a blanket and get ready to enjoy some live music.