What I Look For in My Real Estate Clients

Real Estate agents often discuss what they bring to the table. However, today I want to discuss what I look for in my real estate clients.


One of the first things I look for in my real estate clients is that I expect them to be prequalified for a home loan prior to taking them out and showing them property. This means that if we find a home they fall in love with, they are able to make an offer without having to go through the motions with a lender. It also means they know their price range and we don’t waste time looking at things they either can’t afford, or aren’t comfortable making payments on. Of course cash paying buyers are great, but for everyone else, make sure you get prequalified. A couple of fantastic lenders we recommend are Dave Armstrong and Shanna Keller.

Navigating Negotiating
Based on the market this can mean a number of things. However, in our current hot sellers market this means someone who is willing to do what needs to be done to get an offer accepted. We are really good at our jobs and don’t need practice writing offers on homes substantially under list price, especially the first few days on the market. Our clients also need to be ready to compete. We have a number of tools in our belt to help you get your offer accepted. Unfortunately, you will likely be competing with other buyers and have to deal with a fast paced market. Be ready to make a decision, because as they say, if you have to sleep on it, you won’t be sleeping in it.

Real Estate Awards and Mission Statement


Willingness to negotiate
What I look for in my real estate clients when they are sellers is being prepared to negotiate. In a hot market as a seller it is easy to disregard the process. In Colorado we first negotiate price at time of contract, and then condition at time of inspection. We recommend you don’t market your home in As-Is condition, as this will reduce the amount buyers are willing to pay. This also means that you may have to make a few repairs before you can close. In most cases where buyers have offered substantially over asking price, they aren’t trying to make that money back in repairs. As a seller, take the win and do the right thing. You will sleep better when it is all said and done.

Marketing Mindset
While the market is hot for sellers right now that doesn’t mean you can fool the market into buying your property if you haven’t taken the right steps. This means preparing your home for sale in order for it to show in the best light. This is the reason we have professional grade photos of your home produced. We also need to price your home correctly. Overpricing your home will only lead buyers to stray away from it, and cost us marketing time. A house that isn’t priced correctly on day one will likely have to undergo price reductions, often resulting in a much lower sales price.

If you have what it takes we would love to work with you. Contact us today to start the real estate process with us, whatever your needs may be.