What are the Stages of New Construction

When you purchase a new construction home your weekends may be spent driving past the site of your new home. Often this is to check on the progress being made. However, you might be asking yourself what is actually going on. This is because at some points in the process there might appear to be slowdowns in the work. Are the construction employees off for the week or is there something else going on. Let’s break down the stages of the new construction process so that you can better understand what is taking place.

The first stages of the new construction process is the foundation phase. During this phase the basement of the home is dug out under the footprint of the house. Then rebar will be laid for structural stability. Following this step the concrete for the foundation will be poured into a mold. This is allowed to harden over the course of several days. Afterwards the forms are removed and you are left with something that looks like the image above.

The next stages of the new construction process is the framing step. During this step the most work will appear to be completed. It isn’t hard to nail up a few 2×4’s and plywood sheets and make things look substantially different. Typically, this will also be the fastest phase for the home builder to complete. The main shape of the home will begin to form. Rooms and stairways will also be placed. During this phase the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC will also be installed.

The final stages of the new construction process is interior finishes. There is a traditional saying that the home will be complete 45 days after the exterior is finished. This includes items like drywall texture and paint as well as flooring, light fixtures and appliances. It is important to wait until the building envelope is secure before this phase in order to keep the home as clean as possible.

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