Ways to Save Water at Home

There aren’t many things worse than bills. A reality for homeowners is recurring utility bills for electricity, water and even gas. However, when it comes to water bills you may be paying more than you have to. We have compiled a list of several ways to save water at home, and with it your money on your utility bills as well.

City of Fort Collins Utility Audit Can Help Identify Ways to Save Water at Home

The city offers a sprinkler audit to determine how efficient your outdoor watering practices are and can identify leaks in your irrigation system. Best of all the city provides this to residential customers free of charge. If your interested in this service more information can be found at the City of Fort Collins Residential Water Website.

Fix Leaky Sinks and Toilets

A dripping sink can use as much as five gallons of water a day. This is quite literally money down the drain. Repair kits for most major brands can be readily purchased at your local home improvement store. Same goes for toilet tank repair parts. If you feel this is out of your wheelhouse you can always hire a plumber to complete the work for you. You can find an outstanding recommendation via our I Have A Guy list.

Install Low Flow or Increased Efficiency Fixtures and Appliances

Sinks, showers, toilets, even washing machines and dishwashers are all far more efficient now than they were just five years ago. However, this greater efficiency does not have to mean that they are any less effective at completing their task. If you have an older home or, substantially older fixtures and appliances, it would be beneficial to look into replacing these items.

Speaking of Dishwashers, Stop Prewashing Dishes Before Putting Them In

Modern dishwashers are a modern marvel. They feature a digester which chops up leftover pieces of food and flushes them away with the waste water. Rather than doing a full prewash simply scrape any leftovers into the trash, and then place them into your dishwasher. In the end you will have clean dishes and have saved a few gallons of water each day, which can really add up over the course of a month or a year.

Take your Car to the Carwash Rather Than Doing it at Home

Having a clean car is something we all enjoy. Washing it at home might make it seem like you are saving money but a combination of the time spent and water used in order to do it often negate any cost savings. As driveway car washing can use as much as 100 gallons of water. Another way to save water at home is rather than washing your car by hand, take it to a carwash for a few bucks and recognize water savings at your home right away.