What is Fort Collins Connexion and Why Should you Care?

Whether you have lived here forever, or you are new to town you have likely seen groups of workers on the sides of the road. As they work they unravel giant spools of orange conduit into the ground. This is part of a new City of Fort Collins initiative to provide Gigabit speed internet to residents for a low cost. This is their Fort Collins Connexion program.

Fort Collins Connexion Fiber Optic Junction Box

City Utilities

Since the city is a utility provider for services like water and electricity it only makes sense that they would continue down this path. They recognize that this means providing internet service. This is because internet is more of a must have utility than a luxury like cable television. Forward thinking Fort Collins Connexion is just one of the many things that sets our community here in Fort Collins apart from other places in the country. 

Lack of Competition

Many people are fed up with their current service provider because they do not have the opportunity to switch. In Fort Collins Xfinity has historically been the only option for high speed cable internet. This has all changed with Connexion. The reliability of this service should be on par with the other utilities provided by the city. This is because these fiber optic cables are buried just like most of our electrical infrastructure. It will only be a few short years before most homes in Fort Collins have access to reliable high speed internet at competitive prices.

Future Availability

Over the next few years the city is improving capacity around town. You will see door hangers will be left behind on homes when the service becomes available in their area. If you have recently moved to the area you might be curious if the service is available at your home. To learn more you can visit Fort Collins Connexion’s Website and sign up for email updates.