What’s It like to live in Vista Bonita, and the Trails at Vista Bonita

Vista Bonita and the Trials at Vista Bonita are located near Fort Collins, east of I-25, just north of Highway 14, before you get to County Road 5.  Vista Bonita saw the first homes being built in the neighborhood in the mid 1970’s.  The building continued until 2004 when the neighborhood was finally built out.  The last section of the neighborhood was named the Trails at Vista Bonita and has wonderful trails that snake through that portion of the neighborhood.  What is at the center of the neighborhood is Baker Lake.  It is a 13 acre lake stocked regularly with fish for the angler.  The lake attracts an abundance of wild life.  Other things to enjoy is the ability to swim in the clean water and use non-motorized or boats powered by electric motors.  Some homes are lake front and have the benefits of docks and easy access to the water.  Many people have lived in the neighborhood for years which makes for a delightful stable neighborhood. 

The neighborhood is known for its large yards.  The first homes that were built were on ½ acre lots.  Many of the homes have at least 10,000 sq ft yards and others are as large as 1/3 of an acre. The neighborhood, with the exception of the trails has no HOA and no convenances.  Vista Bonita has a rec association that costs less than $200 per year and with that you get full access to the lake.  

Vista Bonita is great for commuters being close to I-25.  Also it is a short drive to Old Town and does not take long to get to shopping along Harmony Road. With the location I-25 becomes your main street and provides you with the ability to get from the north side of town to the south quite quickly. 

Another things that is special about the neighborhood is its annual traditions that are quite special. One is the annual fishing derby. This is all about who can catch the most fish on a certain day.  Kids and adult participate and it is not uncommon for a child from the neighborhood to be the winner. Another annual tradition is the fourth of July celebration that includes breakfast for adults, a kids parade and the highlight is a HUGE fireworks display. 

This neighborhood is a special place to live.  Why not make Vista Bonita or the Trails at Vista Bonita your neighborhood!  Contact Lestel to get a personal tour or to find out about availability of homes in the neighborhood.