What’s It like to live in Vista Bonita, and the Trails at Vista Bonita

Vista Bonita and the Trials at Vista Bonita are located near Fort Collins, east of I-25, just north of Highway 14, before you get to County Road 5.  Vista Bonita saw the first homes being built in the neighborhood in the mid 1970’s.  The building continued until 2004 when the neighborhood was finally built out.  The last section of the neighborhood was named the Trails at Vista Bonita and has wonderful trails that snake through that portion of the neighborhood.  What is at the center of the neighborhood is Baker Lake.  It is a 13 acre lake stocked regularly with fish for the angler.  The lake attracts an abundance of wild life.  Other things to enjoy is the ability to swim in the clean water and use non-motorized or boats powered by electric motors.  Some homes are lake front and have the benefits of docks and easy access to the water.  Many people have lived in the neighborhood for years which makes for a delightful stable neighborhood. 

The neighborhood is known for its large yards.  The first homes that were built were on ½ acre lots.  Many of the homes have at least 10,000 sq ft yards and others are as large as 1/3 of an acre. The neighborhood, with the exception of the trails has no HOA and no convenances.  Vista Bonita has a rec association that costs less than $200 per year and with that you get full access to the lake.  

Vista Bonita is great for commuters being close to I-25.  Also it is a short drive to Old Town and does not take long to get to shopping along Harmony Road. With the location I-25 becomes your main street and provides you with the ability to get from the north side of town to the south quite quickly. 

Another things that is special about the neighborhood is its annual traditions that are quite special. One is the annual fishing derby. This is all about who can catch the most fish on a certain day.  Kids and adult participate and it is not uncommon for a child from the neighborhood to be the winner. Another annual tradition is the fourth of July celebration that includes breakfast for adults, a kids parade and the highlight is a HUGE fireworks display. 

This neighborhood is a special place to live.  Why not make Vista Bonita or the Trails at Vista Bonita your neighborhood!  Contact Lestel to get a personal tour or to find out about availability of homes in the neighborhood. 

About the Bucking Horse Neighborhood Fort Collins

Fort Collins is made up of many unique neighborhoods.  Over the course of the next few months, we will be featuring different Fort Collins neighborhoods so that you can learn about them.  The Bucking Horse neighborhood in Fort Collins is a midtown neighborhood that is wonderful for many reasons.  The neighborhood is located East of Timberline between Drake and the railroad tracks near Prospect.  It is made of varied housing options, offering everything from apartments, condos, townhomes, patio homes and single family homes from 2,500 square feet to nearly 6,000 square feet. Construction is not complete.  It is still possible to purchase one the last remaining lots and have a new home in the neighborhood.  

Did you know?

That Bucking Horse neighborhood in Fort Collins was not always called Bucking Horse?  The neighborhood began development during 2005 and 2006 with the condo project on the corner of Drake and Timberline, followed by the colorful, two story, single family Bungalows that were built just north and east of the condos.  A local builder Bartan built single family homes along Drake Rd. After that, construction and the development of the neighborhood slowed to a standstill. Later, the development name was changed to Bucking Horse and Bellisimo Construction, a local construction company, continued the development.  Jessup Farm came to fruition as a part of the neighborhood.  The farm includes restaurants, ice cream shop, coffee shop, brewery and boutique. Additionally, onsite chickens provide eggs for the restaurants. The plan was to have additional farm animals and a working farm as a part of the neighborhood. This idea was later abandoned. 

The midtown location of the Bucking Horse neighborhood in Fort Collins

Puts it close to shopping and many other restaurants. The neighborhood is also close to the Power trail and only one mile from both the Spring Creek Trail and the Poudre River Trail. This makes it a nice location to take off and enjoy a dog walk, bike ride or a run.  The core of the neighborhood is the pool, club house and park. It is the gathering spot for activities including movie night and all sorts of fun.  Many of the homes offer front porches which become great evening sitting spots.  The friendly neighborhood means you will be greeted with waves and hellos, as you pass by. Why not make Bucking Horse your neighborhood? Contact us for more information about this or any other neighborhood you are interested in.

So, What’s it like to live in the Landings?

About The Landings

What’s it like to live in the Landings? The Landings is a collection of 400 residences made up of a mix of single family homes, townhomes and condo units. It is located in Mid-Town Fort Collins near foothills mall and the Max bus line. This makes for easy access to shopping, dining out, or attending a movie at the nearby theater. The central location also means excellent access to other parts of town making for a short commute no matter where you work. Midtown Fort Collins also seems to have less traffic than other areas like the Harmony Corridor as once you people are here they have reached your destination, rather than passing through on their way to somewhere else. 

Warren Lake

One major thing that sets the Landings apart from other neighborhoods is Warren Lake. Warren Lake is a 141 Acre irrigation reservoir that supplies water for many City of Fort Collins properties. The Landings holds surface rights to the lake which allow for recreation access for swimming, sailing, canoeing, paddle boarding or low horsepower electric motor watercraft. There is also some outstanding fishing in the lake because it is stocked with some regularity. The lake features a surrounding trail as well as several greenbelts along the periphery.


There are many community gatherings that take place next to and on the lake. These include a chili cook off, a sailboat race regatta in the summer and a 4th of July parade. The lake attracts many different forms of wildlife and there are frequent bald eagle sightings. Additionally, many other charismatic fauna call the area around Warren Lake home. These include owls, wood ducks, cooper’s hawks, golden eagles, pelicans and cormorants just to name a few. The area is also part of the City of Fort Collins Sustainable Neighborhoods Program.


There are many other amenities within the Landings. Two separate tennis court locations one of which has lines for pickleball. There is also a pickleball set so that you can borrow to try your hand at the sport. Additionally, the pool is a common gathering place for the children and their parents as they look to cool off in the summer. The neighborhood is a friendly and active one because most people wave at passers by, and many people get outside to recreate either, walking, biking, or playing on the lake in the summer.

Want to Call The Landings Home?

What’s it like to live in the Landings? After reading all that we hope it is clear that the Landings is a great neighborhood to call home. If you would like more information, or a personalized tour of Fort Collins including this and other neighborhoods that may be of interest to you please contact us and we would be happy to be of assistance.