Living in Fort Collins

Running ShoeOne of the things that we do whenever we move to a new area is acclimate.  We figure out what folks do in the new area that we live in and what is expected of us now that we are a part of the community.  Here are some helpful things to keep in mind about living in Fort collins as you make Northern Colorado Home.

  1. We are friendly.  Speak to others when we meet them on the trail, sidewalk or in the grocery store.  Locals may even strike up a conversation with you.  There is an expectation that you will at least say hello.
  2. We do not liter. Locals love where we live and love nature and part of that is taking good care of the place that we live.  We do not liter and are big into recycling.  Just some of what we can do to take care of this great, beautiful place that we are lucky enough to call home. We also make sure that we do not leave a trace when we hike.  If you carry it in, you need to carry it out. Just things to keep in mind when you are enjoying the outdoors.
  3. We are courteous drivers. We do not honk at others when they do something wrong or are a bit slow to get started at the stop light.  Locals let people in that need to change lanes.  We may even go so far as to wave a thank you when you do let us in.  Everyone appreciates the courtesy.  If you do not see this courtesy you may be around someone else that is new.  Teach them the ways of Northern Colorado and they will appreciate it.
  4. We are welcoming. Most of us have moved here from somewhere else. There are actually very few true locals around.  When you meet a local it is special and they are often very interesting to talk to. They can tell you great stories about the “way things used to be.”  These folks know the history.  Because most of us were new here once upon a time, we remember what it was like to be new, and want you to feel welcome too.  It does not matter if we were new here 30 years ago or just last year, we welcome you.  As we grow, it is harder to remain welcoming, particularly if you have been here for a long time.  You remember what it was like and miss the good old days. Please be patient with us.  This is a special place to be…I am sure you feel it too.  We are protective of this great place we call home.
  5. We love the great outdoors and love to get out and enjoy it. Overall we are an active bunch of people.  We are runners, walkers, hikers, cross country skiers, downhill skiers, bikers and disc golf players.  If it happens outside we want to try it.  If you are not the active type that is ok…but know that we may invite you to try our favorite thing to do outside.
  6. We love to eat out. Did you know that Fort Collins has more restaurants, per capita, than any other city west of the Mississippi with the exception of San Francisco.  You name the type of food you like to eat and we probably have a restaurant that serves it.  We have so many restaurants that open and close in town that our local newspaper The Coloradoan has a weekly article that features all of the news on the restaurant scene.  It is pretty easy to become a foodie in this town.  You will find your favorites and enjoy trying the new ones as they open.

Living in Fort Collins is special.  Keeping these six things in mind just might help you feel at home a bit sooner.  Welcome.  We are glad you are here! Contact us if you would like a personalized tour of the area.