Why Fort Collins Is a Great Place To Invest In Real Estate

Fort Collins House

One of the first things they teach you when you are getting your real estate licence is that real estate is really only about three things, Location, Location, Location. Real estate values can vary dramatically depending on this one aspect. This is because land is like a snowflake, no two parcels are the same, and save for a few extreme exceptions houses will never be moved. So Why Fort Collins Is a Great Place To Invest In Real Estate. Fort Collins and Northern Colorado’s proximity to Denver and its position within the more affluent Inter-mountain West provides for exceptional property values. This coupled with Colorado’s low property tax rate means that Fort Collins and Northern Colorado represent a prime place to invest in real estate.

Economically Speaking

Fort Collins also represents a very stable place to invest as there is not just one local economic driver. Many places rely on manufacturing or resource extraction in order to provide jobs to the community. Fort Collins largest sectors include manufacturing, technology, brewing, heath care, and one of the largest employers is Colorado State University. This represents a highly diverse economy that is not subject to the economic ebbs and flows of one particular industry. This means that even if you are only buying a place to live and not an investment rental you will likely continue to see substantial growth in property values for many years to come.

Northern Colorado is unique but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other high performing real estate markets in the U.S. Take a minute to learn about some of the other top performing markets in the U.S.. This interactive Business Insider article, details high performing real estate markets. You can also reach out to Lestel, she would be happy to help you achieve your investment goals. Contact us her learn more.