Real Estate Client Appreciation

Home OrnamentEvery year about this time we begin to gear up for the holiday season and the end of the year. It is very important to us to be able to thank the clients who we have been able to work with this year. Real Estate client appreciation is an important part of creating a positive experience. Every clients experience is different and everyone is at a different stage in their lives.

Some of our clients have purchased their first home, some are up-sizing for a new child or downsizing after emptying their nest, and some are making their final move. It is because each of these experiences are unique that we work with Christina Hellyer a local ceramic artist to make a small token of our appreciation.

This small token is sent to those clients we have had the opportunity to work with that year. These are unique Christmas ornaments, no two are the same. Around this time every year they are delivered. We begin the process of boxing and mailing our surprises to our unsuspecting clients. We do work with clients from a variety of faiths so while these are technically Christmas ornaments.

They do look just as at home hanging on the wall year round. No matter what holidays our clients celebrate they should be able to find a use. In their new home this small ceramic home as a token of our appreciation. It is also a reminder of the year they made their latest move. So that is how we engage in real estate client appreciation. You can get your own ceramic home by working with Lestel next year and you can find more about local artist Christina Hellyer on Instagram @christinahellyerpottery.