Should I Downsize

20191121_140412It is estimated that 15 % of the population is over the age of 65. With this being true we have many people that are in the stage of life that the kids are grown. Life has changed and the BIG house does not fit anymore. What do you do if you are in this situation?  Should I downsize? Maybe it is time to consider “Right Sizing.”

What is “Right Sizing?” The term “Right Sizing” was coined by the author Kathy Gottberg. She sees the “idea of right sizing as a conscious choice for a better lifestyle that more closely fits you and your family in the best way possible. It is about finding what best brings your life meaning and makes you smile.” Moreover, downsizing puts the focus on sacrificing and giving up.  “Right sizing” focuses on the positive.


What are the benefits of “Right Sizing?” You can choose a home that finds your needs now.  A ‘Right Sized” home can be easier to maintain, have lower utilities, lower property taxes and lower insurance. Additionally, the home can be a single level. Moreover it can be more energy efficient and be in a location that better fits your needs.

The whole idea of “Right Sizing” is to get a home that matches your current needs not the needs that you had years ago when the kids were growing up.  Moreover, “Right Sizing” also may mean letting go of possessions that no longer have interest to you. Letting go of the set of golf clubs that you have not touched in 15 years. Cleaning out the file cabinet and shredding the files that are so old. Parting with the kids bikes that are still in the garage, because the kids are now out of college.

“Right Sizing” can be a freeing process and can be exciting also a bit emotional. Should I downsize? Like any big life change it can be a bit stressful. Take time to consider the possibilities.  Lestel can walk you through this process. She can help you make thoughtful decisions so that when you settle into your new home you can enjoy your new place for many, many years.