Home Décor Trends

IMG_1689.jpgIt would cost a fortune to follow all of the home décor trends, but sometimes it is nice to know what is considered IN, particularly if you are planning some changes in your décor. These are all from “Home Addict.” According to “Home Addict” in 2019…
1. Minimalism is IN. Keep it simple. For those on a tight budget that is nice to hear.
2. Sustainability is IN. Made in the USA and materials that create the least environmental impact are popular.
3. Florals are making a comeback. They say that floral wall paper is coming back. I hope not to Northern Colorado.
4. Gray has been a popular color for décor and paint but it is starting to fade. In 2019 warm neutrals are moving in and taking over. Imagine ivory and soft colors like that. Additionally, the soft gray of the past should be easy to cover with a coat of paint. Now your home is warm and welcoming.

Home Décor Trends: A Few More Ideas

5. Light wood floors are back and dark wood is out. This is wonderful news for anyone that tried to keep those dark wood floors clean.
6. Painted cabinets are in. I see a new movement in DYI projects to paint kitchen cabinets. Moreover, please know what you are doing or you will end up with quite a mess!
7. Countertops are moving from the light/white towards darker colors. Butcher block is IN again. Although butcher block is something that never really completely goes out of style.
8. Comfort, comfort, comfort. The new IN is in comfort. Soft cozy furniture that you actually want to spend time in. Additionally, imagine chairs with thick cushions and plush carpet. Think cozy!
When decoration the look is important but comfort should always be the most important thing for you and your family.

There are just a few of the current Home Décor Trends. Contact us for more information about how to decorate your house in the current styles.