Should I Stage My Home


One of the services that Lestel offers her sellers is home staging. What is it and why is it important, and Should I Stage My Home? Home staging is act of preparing your home for sale. A purpose of staging is to prepare the home so that it appeals to the highest number of potential buyers. By appealing to the highest number of buyers that the home will sell more quickly and for more money.

Lestel feels strongly that it Staging works. Home staging does make a positive difference in the price that a home will sell for. What does Lestel do when she stages your home?

Lestel goes through the home room by room and make recommendations on what to do to each room. It may mean decluttering, depersonalizing or adding things to the room so that it looks warm and inviting. Additionally, the seller does not have to purchase the items that Lestel feels should be added…instead Lestel brings those items to the home and decorates at another appointment. Not every home will need things added, not every home needs decluttering.

Every Situation is Special

Every home is unique and evaluated room by room for what it does need. If the home will be vacant Lestel will bring staging items to the home to dress it up so that almost every room contains something. These items may be pictures on the wall, pillows and baskets on the floor or décor on the kitchen counters and in bathrooms. Moreover, bringing staging items to a vacant home helps the buyer to imagine how they might decorate and also gives something to catch the buyer’s eye as they walk through the home.

Should I Stage My Home? Home staging can make a difference in how fast your home sells and the price that it sells for. Additionally, home staging does not cost you anything if you list your home for sale with Lestel. Home staging is a winning thing to do!