Moving with Pets

Moving can be a stressful time. It is stressful for everyone in the household from adults, kids, and even pets. How do you make the process easier for your furry, feathered or scaly friend? As humans we can use our brains and adjust emotionally to the disruption that is involved in a move. Our pets do not have that ability. Pets do not understand why we are putting things in boxes. This makes process is difficult for them. Fortunately animals are pretty resilient. What should you do to make it less stressful?

How do you make this stress free?

Our pets are creatures of habit and find comfort in routine and familiarity. One helpful tip to make the transition to a new home easier for your pets is to make sure that you take your furry friend to the new house for a visit, before the move. Let your pet spend time in the new environment, sniff things out and inspect the new place. Create a special place for your pet that has familiar toys and maybe even their bed. Each time they come to the new house they can find comfort in the new surroundings knowing that there are familiar things there too. All of this will help them feel more comfortable come moving day!

Moving day has arrived

Make sure that you have a plan for your pet for moving day. Careful planning can make all of the difference. It is best that your pet not be there during the moving process. Moving day is chaotic. Make sure that they have a safe environment for moving day. Make sure that you have your pet’s food, water, medications, toys and bedding with you so that your pet can settle in without interruption. Cats will need to be placed in a secure room, like a bathroom so that they can gradually get use to the new surroundings. Birds and retiles need special care to ensure that their cages and terrariums are secure and temperature controlled. Small pets like rabbitWhat do you do after moving day to make the new place home for your pet?

Moving is complete

After moving day anticipate possible behavior changes in your pet. Your animal may have a decreased appetite, hiding, aggression or other unusual habits. Recognize the signs and provide extra love and attention to help your pet adjust to the new home. Moving with pets can be stressful. Make sure that you take the time to make it as easy on your pet as possible. Home should be a sweet place for everyone.