Things Buyers Hate About Your Home

Selling your home is daunting and stressful.  You are not sure what is important to improve about your home and what does not matter.  Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind. These are things that buyers hate about your home if you don’t do it right.

All Buyers Like It Clean

One of the most important things to do when you are ready to sell your home is to have it deep cleaned.  It is wise to hire someone to do this for you. Make sure that the house is neat and tidy.  Here is a list of things that are sure to turn off a buyer.  Have a meeting with Lestel and she will help you decide, if in your situation, it is wise to spend the money to correct these items.

Buyers Hate Stained Carpet

It is wise to also make sure that you have the carpets professionally cleaned before your home goes on the market.  It is amazing the stains that carpet cleaners can get out.  But should you replace?  That is a question to ask Lestel.

Things Buyers Hate About Your Home: Nasty Smells

That could be that you had fish for dinner last night or it could be pet damage.  Make sure that your home smells its best when it is time for showings. You should also avoid using plug-ins or candles to mask scents in the home. In some cases buyers may wonder what you are trying to cover up even if it is a relatively minor offense.

Things Buyers Hate About Your Home: brass hardware like the doors in this room

A Sass About Brass

Buyers simply don’t like brass. That could be the brass door knobs that you have or it could be the brass light fixtures.  It might be wise to get them switched out before you put the house on the market.

Things Buyers Hate About Your Home: Pets

More specifically, they don’t like your pets. They may have their own dog or cat, but they do not want to have to interact with your pets or smell them or see their food bowls or even know that you have them.

Buyers Do Not Want To See Your Family Pictures

They are in your home to see if they can imagine it as their home.  If your home is filled with pictures of your family it makes it very difficult for them to imagine the place as anything but yours.

Nothing Bugs Buyers More Than Bugs!

Buyers do not want to see that you have spiders or flies or worse. If you have a bug problems make sure that you have it corrected before your home goes on the market. Call the exterminator.

Things Buyers Hate About Your Home: Counter Clutter

Buyers do not want to see over stuffed kitchen or bathroom counters. Clean them off.  If you do not use something every day, like a coffee maker, put it away.  If you do not have room to put it away, pack it up.

Wallpaper and Buyers Don’t Mix

Buyers do not like old wallpaper. In Colorado wall paper has not ever been popular like it is in some parts of the country. Getting rid of old wall paper can be a huge time consuming job, but your home, more than likely, would sell for more money without the wall paper.

Loud Paint, Quiet Market

Things Buyers Hate About Your Home: Loud colors like this room here

Buyers do not like personalized paint schemes.  I know your daughter’s two favorite colors are lime green and pink and that is what colors she wanted her room painted.  But, more than likely no one else is going to love a room painted that color.

Multicolored Appliances

Buyers hate mismatched appliances.  I know…you had to replace the dishwasher and the microwave so you got stainless.  You were going to buy stainless for everything else when the stove and the fridge went out.  Buyers will not be impressed that you have white and stainless appliances.  You probably never really liked it either, but thought you would just wait.  Now is probably the time to make sure that everything is matching.  Buyers will appreciate stainless and the fact that they are all matching.

Collectables, Collecting Dust

One last thing to keep in mind when you are preparing your home for sale.  Pack away your collections.  Whether you collect Barbie dolls, teddy bears, salt and pepper shakers or something else.  Buyers do not want to see your collections. They are there to see the house.  Do not distract them from that.

These are things that buyers hate about your home if you don’t do it right. This list may seem long and overwhelming.  You may not need to do everything on the list.  Contact us to see what you should do given your situation before you sell.  She can recommend what is needed to get top dollar for your home.  Happy Selling!