Fort Collins Haunted Places

When you are in a town as historic as Fort Collins you are bound to come across a few places that are thought to be haunted. In fact Fort Collins is ranked as the 3rd most haunted U.S. city. Whether there is any merit to these claims is for your to decide. This Halloween we wanted to share with you three haunted places in Fort Collins, CO.

Walrus Ice Cream

An image of the Fort Collins Haunted Places Walrus Ice Cream

The first of these is Walrus Ice Cream. Years ago, and long before it was an ice cream shop this building had tunnels underneath where the dead were taken prior to being embalmed or cremated at the neighboring morgue. According to locals this location has a bizarre energy. The shop has experienced overturned cabinets, smashed out windows, and other unexplained events. All of this is believed to be caused by their resident ghost Charlie. You can read more in a question and answer session with the shop’s owner.

Fort Collins Haunted Places: The Avery Building

This building is believed to be haunted because events that took place in 1889. William Avery’s wife Mary was believed to have been having an affair with Avery’s business partner Frank Millington. Evidently, shortly after Avery suddenly fell ill and later succumbed to his illness. After Avery’s untimely death it was discovered that he had 50 times higher than a lethal dose of arsenic in his body. Investigators also discovered that his wife Mary had recently purchased arsenic. She and her lover were put on trial but later acquitted as it could not be proved that either had done the poisoning. William Avery’s ghost is still believed to wander the property.

Colorado State University Statistics Building

An image of the Fort Collins Haunted Places Colorado State University Statistics Building

The statistics building is one of the older buildings on the Colorado State University campus. This means there is a lot of history that has occurred there. One of the reasons it is believed to be haunted is because of the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 and 1919. Another is two untimely deaths that occurred in a now filled in pool. There are frequently strange and unexplainable phenomena that take place in the statistics building. Is it ghosts, or something else? We leave that for you to decide.

This is just a sample of some of the supposed Fort Collins haunted places. There are quite a few historic buildings in town each with their own stories. We also have many homes and buildings that have been built much more recently. Contact us for help finding a house that probably isn’t haunted.