The Path To Selling Your Home

We often have people curious about what to expect when selling a home. Therefore, we have laid out the path to selling your home below. We hope this answers your questions and removes any concern about what you can expect from the process. Here is the path to selling your home.


To begin you will meet with us to go over your goals. After our meeting and touring your home we will complete a market analysis of your property. Viewing your home first will allow us to provide the most accurate estimate of your home’s value. Once you have agreed to list your property now we have to do paperwork. We fill out the necessary documents and then present them for your review. After you review it and sign it your home is listed for sale. This does not mean that your home is on the market yet.

The Path To Selling Your Home: Home Preparation

Once your home is listed with us we begin the home preparation phase. We take the time to walk your property and suggest repairs or improvements that should be made. Making these repairs will result in your home being worth the greatest value. We can also provide a list of trusted professionals who can help you make these repairs. Once all of the work is complete we will work with you to orient your home to appeal to the most prospective buyers. With this we will come in to stage your home bringing in neutral decor, and removing personalized items. Following this step your home will be professionally photographed. We will also install a lock box on your front door. Once we have the pictures back, we will input your home in the MLS.

On the Market

An infographic showing the path to selling your home.

Now that you home is on the market showings begin. The scheduling company will call, text, or email you depending on your preferences. You will let them know if a showing time works for you and then schedule it with the buyer’s agent. It is in your best interest to allow all possible showings.

If the market is hot and your home is popular this might mean that you may need to be out of the house for long periods of time. It is important to make arrangements for children and pets to be taken care of during these times as well. Properties show best with the fewest distractions. This means it is ideal to remove yourself and your pets from the property. Doing so allows buyers to feel comfortable while they are in your home.

After showings occur offers are received on your home and reviewed between you and your agent. The offer can be signed as it is written, countered or rejected. Which option you choose will depend on a number of factors. Finally, an agreement is reached and the contract is signed. You are now under contract!

Under Contract Phase, Due Dilligence

Next we move through the under contract phase. This includes buyer due diligence. During the under contract phase title work and HOA information will be ordered by your agent. We use Land Title as our trusted title partner. The buyer will schedule inspection like a showing. This will occur about a week after you sign the contract. It is important to have your house clean and organized like you did for showings. Most buyers will attend the home inspection so you want them to still like what they see.

After the inspection buyer may request repairs to the home. This is the second part of negotiation. First we negotiate price and terms. This is the contract. Then we negotiate condition of the property. After agreement is reached regarding repairs the appraisal is ordered.

The appraisal will also scheduled like a showing. During the appraisal it is important that your home looks its best. A professional appraiser will come out to view your home in order to make an estimate of its value for the lender. Finally, repairs that you agree upon as part of inspection are scheduled.

Under Contract Phase, Final Steps

During the final part of the under contract phase the buyer receives loan approval. Often this is contingent on appraised value. After this the final walk through is scheduled by the buyer’s agent. Additionally, arrangements are made for utilities to be transferred to your new home. At this point you are all packed up and ready to leave.

The Path To Selling Your Home: Closing

Finally closing day arrives. This can be an exciting time for both buyers and sellers. Additionally, make sure to bring keys and photo ID with you to the title company. During closing documents are signed and keys are provided to the buyer. Now your Home is SOLD.

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