Home Showing Tips

Showing your Home At Its Best means following some tried and true methods. Below are some of our best home showing tips. Utilizing these will help your home sell the fastest and for the most money possible.

✔ Make It Light & Bright

Light and bright homes are attractive to potential buyers. Leverage this to your advantage when ou have a showing. You want to make lighting in your home the “Welcoming Sign” for home buying prospects. Prior to a showing please make sure to turn on all exterior and interior lights, including accent and picture lights.

✔ Home Showing Tips: Avoiding the Crowds

An image of a door to demonstrate some tips that sellers should follow for successful showings.

You don’t want to crowd out potential buyers when they are at your home for a showing. If there are too many people around during a showing, potential buyers will feel like intruders. This makes them want to hurry through your home. It is always best to not be home for a showing. Instead, take a nice drive or walk with the kids while your house is being shown. For longer showing windows on more popular properties it might be best to go to a movie. If you find your home is generating a great deal of interest, a staycation in a local hotel might be required. Remember this is just part of the home selling process.

✔ Peace and Quiet

When your home is being shown, have all TV’s turned off. Turn the stereo off, too, or put on soft classical music. Let the buyers agent and the prospective buyers talk calmly without having to yell over any noise. This calm environment also helps your home to show its best.

✔ Home Showing Tips: Pets Around the House

Having pets around your home is wonderful, except when showing your house. Pets can be disruptive to potential buyers. These buyers are trying to imagine themselves living in your home. This can be difficult to achieve if your pets are distracting them with barking or other potentially disruptive behaviors. When you leave for a showing try to take Fido and Sylvester out with you.

✔ This is Not A Social Call

If you have to be present at your showing there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all you need to be courteous and friendly. However, you don’t want to force conversation with potential buyers. They’re there to inspect your house, not to be social. Stay out of the way, and do your best to avoid making this an awkward interaction.

✔ Home Showing Tips: It Is Not A Garage Sale

It is important to remember that potential buyers are there to view your house, not your stuff. With this in mind don’t try to sell potential buyers any of the furnishings that you don’t want to take with you. They haven’t even bought your house yet. Doing so could jeopardize their interest in your home.

✔ Trust Us To Do It Right

Let us negotiate with the buyers about price, terms, possession, date, etc. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to get you the best deal. Contact us to get started today.