Signs You’re From Fort Collins

People from Fort Collins have a number of distinct qualities. Living in a unique place has had an impact in all of our lives. Moreover, this often translates to a number of indicators that you are around someone who calls Fort Collins home. Here are a few signs you’re from Fort Collins.

Ram Gear Everywhere

An image of a Colorado State jersey to demonstrate the signs you're from Fort Collins

If you are from Fort Collins, it is almost impossible to not be a Colorado State University Ram’s fan. Even if you have another alma mater, you likely have Ram hats, gloves, coffee mugs or something else somewhere in your home. Having Ram gear in your house is one sure sign you are from Fort Collins.

Signs You’re From Fort Collins: Ope

A word with a bazillion uses. It is usually used by Coloradans to say “sorry for being in the way.” If you are from Fort Collins there is no question that you use this word all the time. Moreover, from trying to get around someone else, to dropping something on the floor, ope is your go to.

The Wave After Merging

If you are from Fort Collins you are probably a pretty polite driver. If someone lets you merge you take the time to acknowledge that they went out of their way for you. Additionally, it is not uncommon to see locals wave if you let them merge. Most of us aren’t really sure where the horn is on our car. This is because unlike other places it is very uncommon for us to honk at other drivers. We use our best manners on the road because we know that we all have places to be.

Signs You’re From Fort Collins: A Taste For Craft Beer

An image of a Colorado Sunshine Hard Cider to demonstrate the signs you're from Fort Collins

In Fort Collins we are spoiled. We have access to a variety of different craft breweries. This means that we can be a bit picky when it comes to the beverages we select. Additionally, we are fierce advocates for our favorite breweries. So don’t be surprised if we turn down a Corona in favor of one of our local favorites.

Those are just a few signs that you’re from Fort Collins. Contact us today if you want to call this wonderful place home.