Life Expectancy of Housing Components

In our last post we covered a plan for home maintenance.  However, in this post we will be covering the life expectancy of housing components. With home components the better you take care of them the longer they will last. When it comes time to sell your property buyers can certainly tell the difference. The difference between a property that has been well taken care of and one that has not been.  Buyers often will pay more for the home that has been well maintained.  That should be reason enough to take the time and spend some money one home maintenance.  Consider it protecting your investment.

Below is a chart of the Life Expectancy of Housing Components

A chart showing the life expectancy of home components

The actual life expectancy of the components of a home depend on several factors.  Those factors include level of maintenance, climate conditions and the intensity of use. If you never use your stove when you cook it will last longer than someone that uses their stove frequently.  This graph does not warranty or guarantee the life expectancy of any particular product. However, this chart can be used as a guide. With this guide you can plan for expenses. 

When you buy a home the seller’s property disclosure often tells you the age of the components.  If you purchase a home that has a 12 year old refrigerator, an 8 year old dishwasher, you should plan on saving for new kitchen appliances. This chart does not include all components of a home but can be used as a general guide for the life of the components listed. If there is a specific component you are concerned about Contact us with your questions about housing components and when to replace them. We can also provide you with a list of qualified professionals who can help repair or replace components as needed.