Why You Should Be Working With An Experienced Agent

“Experience is the teacher of all things.” -Julius Caesar

Does it really make a difference to work with an experienced agent?  I have been ask this question more than once. I feel it does make a difference.  With nearly 24 years of experience working in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado I know that I know so much more than I did 20 years ago.  But you still want to know what difference it does make.  So I will tell you.  

Working with an experienced agent can save you money.  Experience teaches you how to negotiate.  Your agent may have even taken classes on how to be a better negotiator. In addition to strong negotiation skills, your agent can direct you to the best lender with the lowest fees and interest rates. These lenders can also provide a smooth process, and get us to the closing table on time. All of this saves you money. An experienced agent can guide you through the inspection so that you can end up with a home in the condition that you need for long term enjoyment. That can save you money long term. They can save you money through resources that they have at their fingertips.  

Working with an experienced agent can save you time.  Experienced agents know how to listen. They hear what you are saying and perhaps what you are not saying.  They see body language and know how to read it.  All of this can shorten the length of time that it takes for you to find the home that is perfect for you.  They know what questions to ask and how to direct you to make the best decisions for your and your family.  In a hot market saving time can mean saving money as prices climb. 

When selling your home working with an experienced agent can save you frustration.  An experienced agent knows the red flags and can avoid them.  They know what to suggest that you do so there are not problems.  They also know what to do to keep a transaction process running so you can keep smiling all of the way through.

Experienced agents have the know-how, the skills, education and the resources to keep a transaction running smoothly and their clients smiling all of the way through to the end and beyond.  Choose your agent carefully and enjoy the experience. Contact us so that we can provide a smooth real estate transaction from start to finish.