2022 Home Decorator Trends

If you are like most people you spent more time at home in 2020-21 than you ever have.  Depending on how you feel about your home that time spent could have added to your joy or taken from it.  You may be feeling like home is ready for a refresh in the new year.  A new year always means new decorator trends are announced.  With this in mind here are some 2022 home decorator trends you may want to try.

Smart home trends continue to be hot for 2022.  Maybe it is time to try a nest thermostat or a ring door bell.  The trend has more to offer than just those basics.  Smart homes can automatically control lighting and smart appliances are expected to grow in popularity too. 

Rattan and wicker furniture is making a comeback.  They bring a beach vacation vibe to your home.  The materials blend well with existing decors which may also explain their popularity.

Light woods have come back. 

If you have some of the dark wood floors that were popular several years ago, you understand why that trend faded so quickly.  The dark floors showed scratches and dust.  New lighter colored wood floors are more forgiving, neutral and go with everything.  Moreover, white oak and maple are taking the lead. 

Curved shapes are in.  That means everything from round rugs, to round mirror and round bathroom sinks. Additionally, curves respond to our need for softness. 

Plantscapes are in and a new passion for many.  That is everything from hanging plants to terrariums.  Plants add a feeling of warmth to our spaces and as a bonus they clean the air in our home.  Moreover, there are plenty of plants that are easy to grow if you have a brown thumb.

Additionally, there are other decorator trends that are on the horizon. 

  • Black Kitchens
  • Dark Bathrooms
  • Kitchen Cabinets Without Hardware
  • Large Format Porcelain Tiles
  • Painted Floors
  • Strict Minimalism
  • Colored Ceilings
  • Large Wall Murals

Some of these new trends may not seem so new at all.  The funny thing about decorator trends just like fashion they seem to circle back around.  Additionally, you can decide what, if any of the new trends you would like to include in your home.  Here’s to 2022 home decorator trends.  Enjoy your home! Contact us to learn more.