Improve Your Home and Your Mental Health

There is a relationship between Home Ownership and Mental Health. Did you know that owning a home can improve your mental health?  We have all heard how great owning a home is for stability in your life.  It is also wonderful for helping you build wealth. Additionally, there are some that say that redecorating that home you own can improve your mental health.  We have been spending more time at home over the course of the last couple of years.  That time at home should make us feel refreshed.  What should you do to ensure that your home does all that it can to make you feel your best?  Here are several ideas to keep in mind to improve your home and your mental health.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

An image of a room with house plants demonstrating how you can Improve Your Home and Your Mental Health

Add some greenery to your home. Live plants can do so much to add warmth and purify the air.  They also look aesthetically pleasing. Some plants can even make your home smell good.  If you do not have a green thumb pick a plant that is extra easy to grow.  If that still does not work, then regularly replace the plants that die, just like you do fresh flowers.

Improve Your Home and Your Mental Health by Reducing Clutter

Reducing clutter can help you to feel much better. Less clutter can help you focus and also keep you from feeling overwhelmed.  Toss anything that is not necessary and keep only what you deem is important. Keeping a cluttered space can lead to stress and anxiety.

A Pop Of Color

Did you know that the color of your rooms in your home can affect your mood? It can. For example the color red translates to passion, yellow to happiness, green to calm, purple to royalty or luxury and white to cleanliness.  Colors do carry meaning and they can mean different things to different people. When you are looking for a new paint color be sure to paint the room the color that matches the tone that you would like to set for the room.

Improve Your Home and Your Mental Health by Adding Natural Light

Lighting sets the mood for a room. Natural light is best, but a well lit room with artificial light is also a great alternative.  Vitamin D is important to maintaining your mental health.  Let in the natural light, lose the black out curtains and celebrate the sun and soak in that Vitamin D.

Emotional Baggage

When you are decluttering make sure that you get rid of the emotional baggage. Stop holding on to the items that take you back to a bad memory or remind you of something you would rather forget.  No longer having these things around will do wonders for your mental health.  Donate the items to a thrift store and feel good about helping a good cause in addition to removing the negativity from your home.

So next time you are feeling blue, check this list and see what you can do to improve your home and your mental health. Contact us for assistance finding your next home.

2022 Home Decorator Trends

If you are like most people you spent more time at home in 2020-21 than you ever have.  Depending on how you feel about your home that time spent could have added to your joy or taken from it.  You may be feeling like home is ready for a refresh in the new year.  A new year always means new decorator trends are announced.  With this in mind here are some 2022 home decorator trends you may want to try.

Smart home trends continue to be hot for 2022.  Maybe it is time to try a nest thermostat or a ring door bell.  The trend has more to offer than just those basics.  Smart homes can automatically control lighting and smart appliances are expected to grow in popularity too. 

Rattan and wicker furniture is making a comeback.  They bring a beach vacation vibe to your home.  The materials blend well with existing decors which may also explain their popularity.

Light woods have come back. 

If you have some of the dark wood floors that were popular several years ago, you understand why that trend faded so quickly.  The dark floors showed scratches and dust.  New lighter colored wood floors are more forgiving, neutral and go with everything.  Moreover, white oak and maple are taking the lead. 

Curved shapes are in.  That means everything from round rugs, to round mirror and round bathroom sinks. Additionally, curves respond to our need for softness. 

Plantscapes are in and a new passion for many.  That is everything from hanging plants to terrariums.  Plants add a feeling of warmth to our spaces and as a bonus they clean the air in our home.  Moreover, there are plenty of plants that are easy to grow if you have a brown thumb.

Additionally, there are other decorator trends that are on the horizon. 

  • Black Kitchens
  • Dark Bathrooms
  • Kitchen Cabinets Without Hardware
  • Large Format Porcelain Tiles
  • Painted Floors
  • Strict Minimalism
  • Colored Ceilings
  • Large Wall Murals

Some of these new trends may not seem so new at all.  The funny thing about decorator trends just like fashion they seem to circle back around.  Additionally, you can decide what, if any of the new trends you would like to include in your home.  Here’s to 2022 home decorator trends.  Enjoy your home! Contact us to learn more.

Always In Style Home Décor

Timelessness can be hard to find when decorating a home.  Home décor trends come and go. You can count on there being a hew “IN” thing next year what everyone is doing in their home.  Changing with the trends can be expensive and exhausting. Take a look at a few always in style home décor items.

Here are some always in style home décor items that will stand the test of time.

  • Hardwood floors.  You can be rest assured if you invest in really high quality hardwood floors they could stay in your home for a long, long, long time.
  • House plants. I know it seems odd to consider a house plan a décor item but they can certainly add warmth to a home and also help your home air quality improve.
  • Art.  Art can be a great long term investment.  Find a local artist that you like and make an investment in a piece that you love.  One that touches you.  That piece can bring you joy for a long time.
  • Throw pillows.  Now this is something that you can go over board with.  So watch how many but have some fun and decorate for the season or mix and match colors and textures. 
  • Real wood furniture. I know it is easy to just run to Target or Ikea and grab something because you need it, whether that need be an end table or a night stand.  But how about getting a piece or real wood furniture that will last and you can enjoy and move with you without it falling apart. 
  • Fireplace.  It is strange to call and fireplace décor but it can add so much ambiance to a room. They are an investment that will give you a great  return and they are enjoyable too.

A Few More That May Surprise You. 

  • Mirrors.  Yes, they are great to check and see how you look, but they are also timeless décor pieces. They can help a small area look much bigger.
  • Luxurious throw blankets.  We all love to cozy up on the couch under a warm, cozy blanket.  Don’t just run to Walmart and pick one up for $5.00.  Invest a bit more and get one that is really luxurious.  It will stand the test of time. 
  • Detailed pieces of furniture like console tables, night stands and ottomans.  These pieces help a room feel complete and take a rooms décor from bland to wow.
  • Family heirlooms and personal items that bring you joy. 

There is our list of always in style home décor pieces. Decorating your home does not need to be complicated and trending.  Invest in a few good pieces and enjoy! Contact us if you need help deciding how to decorate your space. We offer our clients home staging services.