Fort Collins History Legends and Lore

There are quite a few things that make Fort Collins, Colorado a special place. One of these is our unique history. Additionally, this comes with quite a few stories of Fort Collins history, legends and lore. Today we wanted to highlight a few of our better known stories of interest.

Fort Collins History, Legends and Lore: Lindenmeir Archeological Site

Northern Colorado has a deep connection to the past. This is especially clear when you visit the archeological site about half way between Fort Collins and the Wyoming Border. This place is called the Lindenmeier site. It is currently contained within the Fort Collins Natural Area, Soapstone Prairie. This is such a site of historical significance that arrowheads are often found by visitors to the area. It is important, however, to leave items where you found them. Additionally, never remove historical artifacts from the area. More information about the Lindenmeier site can be found here.

The Connection between Disney and Fort Collins

An image of the Northern Hotel showing Fort Collins History Legends

Legend has it the main street of Disney World was modeled after Old Town Fort Collins. Moreover, this was because Walt Disney himself saw Old Town and fell in love with it. The truth falls somewhere in the middle. Someone associated with Disney did in fact visit Fort Collins. In turn main street Disney World does reflect some of our Old Town charm. This man was Harper Goff who grew up in Fort Collins. He later returned to find historical photographs to use as inspiration for Main Street Disney World.

Fort Collins History, Legends and Lore: Colorado State University Steam Tunnels

Most CSU students have heard the legend of the steam tunnels. Many have tried to find them, and a few have even succeeded. The legend also says that if you are caught in the steam tunnels as a student you will be expelled. While we can’t speculate what actions the administration will take if you are a student, we can confirm that the steam tunnels exist. Moreover, we can’t tell you how to get there.

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