Landscaping Ideas

A picture of a house needing landscaping.

With the current long lasting drought at the forefront of everyone’s mind, you might be thinking about changing up the landscaping on your property. Summer is a great time to undertake these changes. Be it a transition to one that requires less water, or just to freshen things up in your outdoor space. We wanted to provide you with some landscaping ideas to help kick start the process for you and provide a place to start on your Pinterest and Google search for landscaping inspiration.


One of the most common reasons for altering landscaping in our arid high desert climate is due to a desire to reduce water consumption. With this in mind Xeriscaping your yard offers one potential solution to this problem. This approach should be one that is strategic. Utilize native plantings in an effort to reduce water consumption. Don’t just let the grasses and weeds run rampant. Remember that is is xeriscaping not zero-scaping.

Landscaping Ideas: Make Sure To Use Mulch

A picture of a house using the landscaping ideas outlined in this article.

We live in a very hot and dry part of the country. In the summer this means that it doesn’t take much for things to dry out. There are a few work arounds. One of these is to use mulch in your landscaping. This allows water to stay where you put it. Additionally, mulch also allows the water to be absorbed into the ground more slowly. When landscaping make sure to add a healthy amount of mulch to your planters and around the trunks of trees. Refresh your mulch once a year. Additionally, you can get mulch for free from the City of Fort Collins.

Shape the ‘Scape

As you can see from the picture above the yard got a lot more visually interesting because of a bit of elevation differentiation. Rather than leaving the yard flat add some small hills or some other topographic components. Not only does this make the space more visually interesting it also helps to direct drainage for rain and irrigation onto more water intensive plantings.

Of course not every yard is the same. Contact us if you have any specific landscaping questions. We can provide some input as well as put you in touch with professional landscapers who can help you kick your landscaping up a notch.