Counter Tops For Your Remodel

Are you thinking it is time for a remodel of your kitchen, bath or laundry? 

One of the selections that you will more than likely be making is counter tops for your remodel.  Counter tops need to be strong and durable, but we also want them to be beautiful.  Before you invest in new counter tops what is important to know about the options. When I am making home improvements, I have two things that I like to keep in mind. One is what will be the best investment for me to make and the other is what will give me the best return when it comes time to sell.  Most of us do not live in our homes forever, so return on investment is certainly something to keep in mind.  

What selections are available out there for counter tops for your remodel?  Below are a list of options and pros and cons of each.

  1. Quartzite.  Pro of this product is durability.  This is a natural stone formed from quartz.  It is very strong which can translate to higher costs for cutting and insulation.  The con of Quartzite is limited color choices.
  2. Soapstone. Pro of this product is easy daily maintenance. It is heatproof, nonporous and stain resistant. The con of Soapstone is that it is susceptible to chips. 
  3. Marble.  Is a beautiful product that is durable and can last for a long time.  That is one of the pros of the product.  The con of Marble is that it must be sealed and stains easier than other natural stones. 
  4. Concrete is durable and customizable.  It is hard wearing. The cons of Concrete are that it is porous and prone to staining. Sealants help protect from heat, scratches and stains. 
  5. Quarts.  Like quartzite quartz counters are manmade.  It does not require any sealing.  The pro of quartz is low maintenance. It is heat sensitive. 
  6. Granite the product that was the go-to for all upgraded kitchen and baths has fallen out of favor in recent years.  One of the reasons is that it requires regular sealant. It does beautifully resist scratches. It can easily withstand the wear and tear of daily use. 
  7. Butcher block. This product is known for being functional and affordable. They are strong and simple.  The con of butcher block counters is that they require regular upkeep.  Proper care calls for a coat of mineral or tung oil after installation and annually after. 

When making your selections it is important to bring samples home

This will allow you to see how the countertop will complement other design choices in your room. The lighting in your room can change the appearance of your selections.  Remember when making your selections that people typically replace countertops only once every 10 to 15 years.  Make sure your selection will be enjoyable and easy to care for many years to come. If you have any questions we are here to help and can provide recommendations for suppliers or installers should you need. Simply contact us.