How to Sell Your Home in the Winter

When you sell your home in the winter you are going to have to deal with shorter days, colder temperatures, possible snow and some dreary skies even in sunny Colorado.  So how do you turn this around to make these things positive for you?  Try to play up the season and the cold.  Build a snowman to greet your buyers.  Serve hot cider or hot chocolate for showings. Make sure to add some warm throws, extra pillows and place some rugs on the hardwood floors to add a touch coziness.  A candle burning with a winter scent can also add some warmth.

Sell Your Home in the Winter by Being Welcoming Despite the Weather

Make sure that your sidewalks are shoveled. Anywhere that might be icy be sure to deice so you’re your home is welcoming as well as safe.  Once the buyers are inside it is a good idea to have some space by the front door for people to take off coats, hats and boots.  Place a chair by front door so that people can sit down to remove their shoes.  Have a place to wipe snowy boots to avoid the wet footprints, if the buyers choose to leave their boots on as they walk through your home. 

Remember Extra Light

Make sure that your home is light and bright.  That is in the daytime and for those after dark showings that happen because days are shorter.  Add a bit of extra wattage in your lighting so that your buyers can see for safety and to fall in love with your home.  Light and bright is very desirable for buyers. Make sure that landscape lighting is working too so that the outdoor space can be appreciated. 

Consider the Cold

Winter cold can highlight negatives such as a furnace problems, draftiness and poor insulation.  Before a buyer ever sees your home make sure that your HVAC system is working at its best. Check for drafts and correct if you can. If your home will be vacant for showings, it is a good idea to go ahead and winterize to avoid plumbing issues.  

Marketing Should Match the Season

It is important to use current photos that match the season.  Out of season pictures may have the buyers thinking that the home has been on the market a long time.  Other photos of the home in different seasons can be displayed in the home. However, for marketing the photos should match the time of year that the home is being sold. 

There are motivated buyers that have to buy no matter what the weather and no matter what the date on the calendar. Make your home safe and inviting and your home can sell even when it is cold outside and the weather is dreary. Contact Us for more information on how sell your home in the winter and make it a successful process.