You Must Try These Great Fort Collins Restaurants

One of the things that makes Fort Collins special is all of our restaurants.  We have more restaurants per capita than any other city west of the Mississippi with the exception of San Francisco.  Here are some great Fort Collins Restaurants that have been around a long time. Enjoy these great restaurants that have stood the test of time. 


  • Vern’s Place, 4120 W. County Rd 54G, Laporte. This restaurant first opened in 1946.  It is famous for its cinnamon rolls. Additionally, they serve breakfast, lunch with good down home cooking in a friendly atmosphere. 
  • The Silver Grill.  218 Walnut St., Fort Collins. This place is the oldest restaurant in Northern Colorado. This place has been serving up amazing breakfasts and lunches since 1933 with some roots going back to 1912.  The location cannot be beat because they have big picture windows providing you with a look at Old Town Fort Collins. They have been voted best place for breakfast and lunch numerous times in part because of their legendary sweet rolls that ooze with sweetness. 


  • Canino’s Italian Restaurant. 613 S. College Ave, Fort Collins. This laid-back option for classic Italian food has been around for 40 years. The restaurant is located in a 1903 house.  This is one of those places you just must go to at least once.  Who knows it may become your go to place for Italian!


  • Tortilla Marisa’s, 2635 S. College, Fort Collins.  I know, we already have two Mexican restaurants listed, but why not a Tex Mex that has been around serving great food since 1987. They are known for their Chili Rellenos.  They are dipped in beer batter and are uniquely wonderful.  Give them a try. Pobre Panchos. 1802 N. College, Fort Collins.  This is the place for exceptional Mexican dining in Fort Collins for over 50 years.  Moreover, the place is small, but big on flavor. 
  • El Burrito Mexican Restaurant.  404 Linden St. Fort Collins. This popular eating establishment first opened in 1960.  They have been serving up authentic Mexican food ever sense. It is a family affair as the grandchildren of the owner now working in the restaurant.

Pubs and Bistros

  • Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewery. 5 Old Town Square, Fort Collins.  It cannot get better than this.  A brewery in Old Town that has been creating craft brew since 1989 is somewhere you must go.  The food is exceptional and you have to try a brew.  Come for the food or the brew and stay for the pool and other fun.  
  • Charcoal Broiler. 1716 E. Mulberry, Fort Collins.  This place started as a simple coffee and burger shop in 1957. It is another family-owned business that has had three generations serving up great steaks and burgers for special occasions or just because.  
  • Austin’s American Grill.  100 W. Mountain and 2815 E. Harmony.  You know a place has to be good to have two locations of the same locally owned restaurant in Fort Collins.  They serve a uniquely wonderful variety of classic foods that are better than your mother made!  Give them a try.  


  • Walrus Ice Cream, 125 W. Mountain, Fort Collins. You cannot always eat healthy and after a great meal who does not want a sweet treat.  This place has been serving up ice cream since 1987 with a selection of ever changing 29 flavors. Additionally, their ice cream is served with all-natural ingredients.  

Enjoy these great restaurants that have stood the test of time.