Not so Big House, Why Not Buy One

Buying a smaller home can come with many benefits. A not so big house can be easier to maintain and furnish. A smaller home means less time spent cleaning and also less space to clutter. You can also splurge on higher quality finishes for your not so big house. But what are some other ways that buying small might enhance your life.

  • A small home can be cozy. When you think warm and cozy you probably are not thinking about big rooms and soaring ceilings. Smaller homes help families gather together.
  • A small home can feel spacious. Square footage is not what causes a home to feel big or small rather it is how the home is designed.
  • A smaller home leaves more room outdoors. If you dream of having a garden or outdoor entertaining space, a smaller footprint to your home can provide that space. A smaller home can also provide you with more space from neighbors.
  • A small home costs less to heat and cool. Simple math, more square footage, higher utility bills.
  • A smaller home is easier to furnish. You can spend money buying furnishings that you love, rather than stretching your money to fill big spaces and something for each room.
  • A small home can free up money for other things. Purchasing a smaller home can free up money for travel, or spending money on other things that you enjoy.
  • A small home allows you to splurge on higher quality finishes. When you have a small kitchen, that you are remodeling, you can splurge on the special counter top because the space is small and less materials are required. In a large space the cost of materials can really add up.
  • A small home takes less time to clean. I think this is an idea that we can all smile about. Less time cleaning means that you can have more time to enjoy your home.
  • A small home is easier on the environment. Smaller homes use less water, power and other resources. You can also add some of those energy saving features.
  • A small home is easier to maintain. From the roof to the yard and the parts in between it will cost less when there is less of it. This can lead to savings in time, energy and money over the long haul.

If you are ready to explore the idea of a smaller home, contact us and so we can visit about what your “Not so Big House” might look like.