Move Safely During a Pandemic

Moving is considered one of life’s major stressors.  That is if you are moving, without a pandemic. Add a pandemic and you can feel even more stress.  So how does one move safely during a pandemic?  How to move safely certainly depends on if you are moving yourself or using movers.  If you are moving yourself, companies like U-Haul offer contactless pickup and drop-off.  Once you pick up the truck make sure that you sanitize door handles, steering wheel and other high touch areas of the truck.  

If you are using a moving company interview them about their safety protocol.  Does their staff where gloves and masks.  Do they wipe down furniture for you at the new location?  Here are some helpful safety tips. 

  • Check to see what the quarantine requirements are in your new location.  This will provide you with much information as to what you can and cannot do.  You may be moving into a place that you have not been able to see in person, only with a virtual tour.
  • Moving day make sure that you have hand sanitizer and soap out and available for use.  Have extra gloves and masks in case people helping did not bring them.
  • Be prepared to limit interaction with the movers and practice social distancing.  Stay out of the way of the movers.  Have them in one room as you prepare things to move in another.
  • If possible, have the boxes all place in one area close to the door so that the movers do not have to walk all through the house.  Have each box labeled so that the movers can place it in the correct room at the new location and you can again minimize interaction. Label the door way of each room so that the movers can match the box to the correct room.
  • Ask movers to take breaks outside of the home and to mask up and sanitize hands after break or put on gloves.

Following the CDC guidelines will provide you with the best opportunity to move safely.  The real estate market is an active one.  Know that you are not alone.  There are a lot of people moving now and you can move safely during a pandemic. Contact us with questions.