All About Home Warranties

Sometimes you fill out the warranty card on a new appliance. You may opt for the extended warranty on your car. However, did you know that you can purchase a home warranty for your most expensive possession, your home? Home warranties can offer you some peace of mind when purchasing a new home. They can also be a great way to address a buyers concerns at inspection. Especially if some of your appliances, or mechanical equipment is older but still functioning nominally. We utilize home warranties in some situations to overcome buyer objections at time of inspection. Often times this is a cheaper way to address their concerns rather than replacing equipment that has yet to fail.

What Does This Mean For Sellers and Buyers

Both current owners and potential buyers can benefit from having a home warranty. Especially for those who are less “Handy Dan.” These folks would prefer to have a professional out then try to repair issues themselves. For a few hundred dollars all the major components of the home can be covered for a pre specified period. This usually lasts a year. This coverage can then be renewed at the conclusion of each cycle. There is typically a service charge fee. The homeowner will need to pay in order to have a professional out to evaluate whatever issues you might be facing with your home. However, should something like a water heater need to be replaced that cost is typically covered under your home warranty. This kind of coverage can allow them to breath a little easier if the refrigerator starts making a weird noise.

We have a lot of experience with First American Home Warranty but there are many reputable companies out there. Contact us and we would be happy to put you in touch with a professional who can help to warranty your home.