Real Estate Photography

Horrible Real Estate PhotoWe see it almost every day, a great house in a great location with amazing features, and the listing is ruined because the listing agent went through and took pictures themselves with their cell phone. Sometimes this nets hilarious results but it is always disappointing to know that the seller hired someone to list their home who didn’t take the marketing of the property seriously. There is an oft heard remark in our real estate market that all you need to do is list a property on the MLS and it will sell. However, not properly representing a house can result in it selling for below market value.

IMG_1981A picture is worth a thousand words, and our MLS system allows us to add up to 40 images for each listed property. That is 40,000 additional words forming statements about your property, and its value. When we list a home we utilize professional quality photography to display your property in the best but also realistic light. We also don’t over edit photos to generate interest by misrepresenting your property.

Real Estate CameraOur marketing photographs are taken using a wide angle lens on a professional DSLR camera, we happen to prefer Canon. We utilize a tripod to insure that we are able to use long exposure times while keeping the image razor sharp. This means that we don’t have to crank up the ISO on the camera’s settings. Using a high ISO leads to a grainy texture in images which degrades the image quality especially when viewed in a full screen context online. We shoot in camera RAW to insure that we are capturing the most information. This means that when it comes time to post process the images before uploading them to your listing we can have the most leeway in image manipulation.

IMG_1990We have spent countless hours perfecting a suite of Lightroom presets that allow us to not only correct images in post processing but to insure that each image in the photo deck is colored and contrasted almost identically to all the other photos in your home marketing. This means when perspective buyers click through to view each aspect of your home there aren’t jarring color or lighting changes, and they can focus on your property rather than being distracted by the editing choices of the photographer.

All of this means that when your house is posted to the MLS and then sent out via IDX to hundreds of home websites potential buyers are able to see it in the best light. Using professional photography is the best way to market your property and generates interest better than any other communication method. It is attention to detail like this that makes us the best real estate agents in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. Let us know when you are ready for us to begin the marketing process for your house by Contacting Us.