Stuck at Home, Here are Some Ideas to Pass the Time

We probably have never spent as much time at home as we have in the last few weeks. You have gotten to know your family a bit better and the four walls that we call home. As the days drag on…you may be running out of ideas on what to do. Here are some stuck at home ideas you may or may not have tired.


  • Complete those home projects you keep telling yourself you do not have time to do. Now is a perfect time.
  • Go for a bike ride.
  • Read that book you have been wanting to read.
  • Call love ones. Do a Zoom meeting and see everyone.
  • Cook your favorite comfort food.
  • Have a family game night. Pull out those board games and have some fun.
  • Deep clean your house. It is spring…make it shine.
  • Clean out a closet. Prepare a donation for drop off. Put some unused books in a neighborhood Little Free Library.
  • Shop locally. Find websites for our local businesses and do a bit of retail therapy. These small businesses will appreciate the support. Some local businesses are doing free delivery to your home.
  • Take a virtual exercise class.
  • Listen to your favorite music and dance!
  • Teach yourself a new skill. Youtube can be perfect for this. Challenge yourself. You have the time to learn. You can do it, believe in yourself.
  • Above all…stay healthy! Be patient with yourself and love ones. We will get through this together.

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