We’re in it Together

I have never seen as many worried people as I have the last few days.  Talking to  clients and friends I hear an air of uncertainty.  We are experiencing something we have not ever experienced before.  Now is the time to reach out to each other. I know that I am saying this in a time that we are told to social distance, but you can call, the phone does not share germs, you can email and you can send an old fashion card. We’re in it Together. We need be there for each other now more than ever.  We also need the comfort of home.  That safe place we go to shut out the rest of the world.

Know that in this uncertain time, I am still selling real estate.  I am NOT doing open houses at this time, but I am listing homes for sale and I am still showing property.  Now we may be sanitizing our hands when we enter a home, in addition to removing our shoes, to protect the seller of the home.  I may have buyers that feel most comfortable meeting me at a property, rather than riding in my car.  That is certainly ok!  As an agent, I am still helping sellers move on and buyers experience the dream of owning a home.

Home is a special place for us.  It is our calm space, in a world on uncertainty. I wish for all of you, that HOME is a special place that feels warm and inviting. However, some spaces are not working for the folks who live there. I have had clients reaching out because they need more space to work from home.

Remember I am here to help. Contact me for assistance with your real estate needs.  We’re in it together. Please stay safe and healthy!