How to Find a Real Estate Agent

So, you want to buy a home. Congratulations! Now how do you select an agent to help you through the process? Here is how to find a real estate agent. A good place to start is to asked for recommendations from friends or coworkers that may have recently purchased a home. Make sure that the transaction went smoothly for them and that they liked
the agent that they worked with.

You now have some names, what is next?

I would suggest making phone calls to the agents. Here are some questions to ask.

1. How long have they been selling real estate? It is a good idea to work with an agent that has some experience. Many people feel like the more experience the better. I would say that the agent should have done a minimum of 25 transactions. National Association of Realtors statistics show that the average agent sells 8 homes a year. So that means an agent with at least three years of experience or less if they sell a lot of homes each year.

2. Make sure that they are an agent that works full time. You do not want an agent that has real estate as a second job.

3. What price range do they most commonly work in? What communities to they usually sell homes in? You want to make sure that they work in the price range and area that you want to buy in. If you are interested in buying a home price under $400,000 and they usually work selling homes above $400,000 and not in a town that you are interested in buying in, that is not a good fit for you.

How to Find a Real Estate Agent, Also Consider If

4. Can they represent you as a Buyer’s Agent? An agent that represents you as a Buyer’s Agent has a fiduciary responsibility to look out for the buyer’s best interest through out the transaction. That is important. You do not buy a house every day and you need that person who is trained in real estate helping you through the process.

5. Do you like the agent? Additionally, do you feel comfortable with them? Do you feel heard and listened to when you talk to them?

How to Find a Real Estate Agent? Asking these questions and interviewing agents gives you the best chance of getting the right agent to work with that will get the job done. Keep in mind that hiring an exceptional Realtor will go along way in you being happy and getting the terms and conditions you are looking for in the purchase of your new home! Contact us for help finding a great agent anywhere in the country.