What To Do With Your Property Tax Postcard

Larimer County Tax AssessmentLet’s learn about what to do with your property tax postcard?About this time each year the Larimer County Assessor’s office mails out updated assessed values for your home or investment properties. This value is what your taxes will be assessed from. Therefore, the higher this assessed value, the higher your property taxes will be. Each property only receives an updated value every other year.

So, maybe this was your unlucky year, you received your property tax assessment postcard in the mail now what. So What To Do With Your Property Tax Postcard? You have two options; you can accept the valuation that the Larimer County assessor has given to your property. This is the easiest option in theory, but will be the hardest option on your wallet. The other option is to dispute your assessed tax valuation with the county. To do so you need 3 comparable sale properties that closed between January 1 of the prior year until June 30 of the prior year. Sending this info along with the filled out side of your protest postcard will have the County Assessor re-evaluate your homes value, hopefully reducing it and the amount you will owe in property taxes next year.

If you have seen massive inflation of value this year, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to look into the market and sale data and provide you with comparable sales (if there are any) for you to plead your case. Don’t wait, your right to protest your properties valuation expires shortly after you receive it. Contact us for assistance finding comparable properties.