Time to Move Out?

When is it time to say, “I am moving?”  You have had it with the neighbor and their dogs that continue to bark night and day.  You have called animal control. Additionally you have talked to them.  You have tried everything and the problem continues. Or you have the neighbor that is just disrespectful, playing the music too loud etc.   Your situation might be that you planned to live in the house until you died and now that is not seeming like such a great idea.  You have fallen on the stairs one too many times.  It is getting hard to carry on.  Is it time to move out? 

IF you are asking yourself these questions it might be the time. What should you be considering?  I know what keeps you in the home.  It is the memories, the whole idea of moving that seems so overwhelming, the idea that it cannot be quite as bad as you think it is.  You feel like you should be able to handle things just a bit longer. 

The first step is to call Lestel!  What is she going to do for me?  Lestel can walk you through what needs to be done to get your house on the market and who can do that work if you are not able.  She can also do a market analysis for you to help you know where you stand and what you would be able to net when you sell your home.  Additionally, she can also take you out and show you what is available that might work for you and could be your next home. 

If you are in a home that just does not work any more due to the size, floor plan or age.  She can show you what the next house that is the right size, age and floor plan might look like.  It is all done before you agree to sell your home and certainly before your home ever hits the market.  This is the background work that Lestel does to make sure that the move is the best thing for you to do!

If after this, did you decide that it is time to move out?  Lestel can connect you with resources to simplify the move.  She knows that moving is a big deal but having the right help can make a huge difference.  Life is too short not to be happy.  Call Lestel and explore if now is the time for you to be moving!