What To Do This Weekend in Northern Colorado?

If you are trying to come up with something new and different to do this weekend.  What To Do This Weekend in Northern Colorado, here is an idea. 

Have you ever visited a Little Free Library?  

You may have one in your neighborhood. You can find them throughout Northern Colorado and the world.  The idea behind a Little Free Library is to expand access to books and inspire readers.  You can get a map, online, of the little libraries in your town and then start visiting them.  Each one is different. Some of the libraries focus on children’s books, others have more fiction than nonfiction and still others are a good mix of whatever you might like.  

What To Do This Weekend in Northern Colorado? Take A Book Leave A Book

An image of a dragon themed little library to illustrate the idea of What To Do This Weekend in Northern Colorado?

If you have a book that you have already read, take it with you.  You can take a book from the little library or share a book.  You do not have to share a book to take a book, but it is better if you do.  Enjoy the book that you take, and then drop it off at the little library that you took it from or another one. On average one book is shared at each Little Free Library each day! Be a regular visitor to the little library.  See if you can find the little library in Fort Collins that has a Dragon theme.  

How to Find A Little Library

Wondering What To Do This Weekend in Northern Colorado? Check out a little library like the one pictured here.

The first Little Free Library was built and put into use in 2009.  There are now over 150,000 little libraries, in over 110 countries.  Moreover, not all little libraries are registered with the Little Library Foundation so that number is probably much higher.  After finding and visiting some of the Little Free Libraries you may become inspired to build your own Little Free Library and place it in your neighborhood.  There is a website that you can visit that features a  how to video.  Go to:  littlefreelibrary.org/start/ You can make your own or buy a kit and to make your library.  Additionally, do not forget to register at the website for the Little Free Library.  You will also need to add some books.  You are inspiring readers and expanding access to books.  

What To Do This Weekend in Northern Colorado? There is always so much to do in our area, but taking a break and enjoying books is not a bad way to spend an hour or so.  Still looking for ideas contact us for a free tour of the area or personalized recommendations based on your interests.

Northern Colorado Day Trip Ideas

Even with so much to do in and around Fort Collins you might be running low on ideas. If you are ready to venture out for the day we have put together a short list of Northern Colorado day trip Ideas to inspire your next journey.

Day Trip to Estes Park

Estes Park is a can’t miss destination if you are thinking about a day trip near Northern Colorado. The charming town is filled with small shops and great restaurants. Additionally, you can even combine your trip with a stop off at the well known Rocky Mountain National Park that is just outside of town. Parking can be a little hard to come by on weekends during the warmer seasons. So come prepared to drive around a little bit before getting to embark on your adventure. If you don’t want to mess with crowds just plan to visit on a weekday or in the off season.

An Image of Estes Park demonstrating Northern Colorado Day Trip Ideas

Northern Colorado Day Trip Ideas: Across the Peak to Peak Highway

If you have already done Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park you might have overlooked the Peak to Peak highway. This recognized Scenic Byway connects the points between Estes Park and Blackhawk. The drive alone takes about three hours. In addition, there are multiple pull offs and scenic overlooks along the way. To truly see and enjoy all the Peak to Peak has to offer would take the better part of a day. This means that you could connect it with the Estes Park and Blackhawk day trip suggestions in this post to make a long weekend of adventure.

Enjoy an Afternoon Drive up the Poudre Canyon

If you have lived in Northern Colorado for any length of time you have probably heard of the Poudre Canyon. However, how far up the canyon have you driven? Have you made it all the way to Cameron Pass? If not a trip up the Poudre Canyon should be on your list of day trips. Simply gas up the car in Fort Collins and wind your way up Highway 14. You can pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic at one of the scenic overlooks. Additionally, you can always stop off for a bite to eat in Rustic which is about an hour up the Canyon. If you can’t wait that long there is also the restaurant at Mishawaka. Either way make sure to take in the sites and sounds of our own Wild and Scenic River.

An image of the Poudre Canyon demonstrating Northern Colorado Day Trip Ideas

Northern Colorado Day Trip Ideas: Black Hawk Casinos

Black Hawk is only about an hour and a half drive away from Fort Collins. At that distance it is a simple proposition to head up in the morning spend the afternoon at the casinos and drive home in time for a late dinner. Having too much fun? Not to worry, many of the casinos have affordable hotel rooms if you have to spend the night.

We hope this brief article helps you pick your adventure with a few Northern Colorado day trip ideas. Contact us if you need more local recommendations.

Best Things to do in Loveland Colorado

Have you been trying to come up with some new ideas for activities? While Fort Collins always gets a lot of attention there are plenty of worthwhile activities in Loveland. With that in mind here is our list of the best things to do in Loveland Colorado.

Devils Backbone

Devils Backbone Open Space Loveland Colorado

Horsetooth Mountain Open Space gets a lot of attention, and is extremely popular. However, with limited parking this often means that you might not get the chance to hike the trail. Devils Backbone in West Loveland is a beautiful hike and often less popular. Additionally, it can be as difficult as you want to make it with the trail running from Loveland all the way North to the Blue Sky Trailhead near HTMOS. This is a hike that should not be missed. More info including trail closures can be found through Larimer County Natural Resources, make sure to check before you head out for the day.

Skate At Centerra

The Shops At Centerra Loveland Colorado

While you may have taken the opportunity to do shopping at Centerra, you may not have known that you can also ice skate there during the winter. While it is no Olympic sized skate rink, it is still a unique opportunity to have a romantic evening with your partner, which can be capped off with dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. This is also a great activity for children to do during the daytime. More info about Skate at Centerra can be found here.

Chapungu Sculpture Park

Chapungu Sculpture Park Loveland Colorado

While you are visiting the Shops at Centerra, you might also take a minute to visit the nearby sculpture garden. While the sculptures do not change there are often special night time light decorations depending on the time of year. The Christmas lights for instance are a can’t miss spectacle. This is a great location for a free experience. Purchase a coffee from the nearby Human Bean, and wander around enjoying yourself. More information can be located at the Chapungu Sculpture Park Website.

Rialto Theater

Rialto Theater Loveland Colorado

The Rialto Theater in downtown Loveland is a great place to catch a show. From comedy, to concerts and theatrical performances there should be something to please every type of entertainment seeker. More information about upcoming performances and events can be found at the Rialto Theater Website.

Budweiser Event Center

Budweiser Event Center Loveland Colorado

When you think of fun things to do in Loveland, it is impossible to ignore all of the special events that take place at the Budweiser Event Center. From the semi professional Eagles Hockey team to the Circus and the Larimer County Fair, there is usually something going on. Upcoming events can be seen on the Events Center Website.

Hopefully, these ideas help you to formulate a must do list of your own. If you have any questions about what it is like to live in Loveland or other parts of Northern Colorado, we are always happy to help. Simply Contact Us and we can provide ideas for activities, or even provide regional tours that fit your needs.