10 Reasons Why it’s Better to Own Less Stuff

Owning fewer things can be great for so many reasons.  Society has started to shift in this direction, moving towards rejecting too much consumerism. Believing now it is better to focus on what matters, relationships and time spent with people not things. If you are thinking about making this change in your life.  Here are some reasons why you should consider it.  I hope they motivate you to consider simplifying your life. Here are 10 Reasons Why it’s Better to Own Less Stuff

  • Thinking about 10 Reasons Why it’s Better to Own Less Stuff. The number one reason to own less stuff is because it will be easier to move and also to sell your home. Donate those extra things that you do not love.  Make space in your home for nothingness. Doing this before you are ready to move can make the process of moving, once you start, less hectic.  The process of moving can be less expensive too.  Fewer things mean you may be able to move yourself or at least have a smaller moving truck.
  • Reducing stuff in your home and shifting from buying things can create memories and experiences with your family that can last a lifetime.  That is different than the toy that you buy your child that they soon will loose interest in. Accumulate memories instead of objects. This can also allow for more great times with friends.  Less time spent acquiring things make more time for the people in your life.
  • You will sleep easier.  Having too much stuff can stress us out.  Stress makes it difficult for us to sleep. Try this.  Clean your home and get rid of some things by donating them to a thrift store.  Notice how you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.  You could sleep better afterwards too.  Try it!
  • Owning fewer things can mean that you can be more productive. This is particularly important with many of us spending more time working from home.  We all know what it feels like to be trying to accomplish something and we have to move things out of the way, or we start something and have to do something else before we can do what we need to do.  The dishes piled in the sink have to be put away before we can start dinner.  Focus and remove some of the clutter so that you can be more productive.
  • Owning less means that you do not have to get a storage unit. You have seen all of the storage facilities in town.  These storage units can cost over $100 per month.  If you spend a year paying for one of those units, it may end up costing more than the stuff you are storing is worth.
  • You can save money.  This may seem obvious, but you buyer fewer things you have more money.  You also do not have to pay for that storage unit, see above!
  • Less to stress about.  Many people think that having stuff will make them feel proud and also give them a sense of security.  Actually, having stuff is more likely to cause stress than happiness. You have to worry about where to store it, how to keep it in good condition and more. Having less allows you to clear up mental and physical space.
  • When you have less stuff, it is easier to entertain guests. You will no longer have to say, I have to clean the house before we can have people over.  There will be more space for people to hang out.  Now, I know we are not having people over much right now, but you can get ready for the after-pandemic party!
  • Buying less allows you to spend money and get quality.  You have the ability to do quality over quantity. When we buy cheap things, unfortunately  they can end up in the trash.  Those cheap items were not made to last.  Instead of buying many of something you can save up and buy one really nice item.
  • Owning less is good for the environment. Every time you buy something you have the packaging that comes with it.  That packaging ends up in the landfill. Buying less is good for the planet, at least in a small way.

I hope these 10 Reasons Why it’s Better to Own Less Stuff have helped motivate you to make a shift in your buying habits.  There are many benefits.  As a real estate agent, my favorite reason is that it will be easier to sell your home and easier for you to move.  Call me when it comes time for that move!