Is It Better To Live In Fort Collins or Denver?

Image of downtown Denver skyscrapers illustrating Is It Better To Live In Fort Collins or Denver?

If you are relocating to Colorado, you might not know too much about the area. Some of our larger cities and towns might have drawn in your attention and made you wonder what it is like to live there. In order to help make this complicated decision a little easier we wanted to to address a few potential areas of interest. With that in mind, is it better to live in Fort Collins or Denver?

Housing Costs

When it comes to the Fort Collins vs. Denver debate housing costs play a vital role. However, it doesn’t matter if you are planning to rent or buy your residence. This is because Denver housing costs in 2022 across the board are 9.3% more expensive than that of Fort Collins. Living in Fort Collins means being able to afford a slightly better home, or rent a nicer apartment.

Is It Better To Live In Fort Collins or Denver: Traffic

When comparing Fort Collins and Denver, traffic is an important consideration. While Fort Collins does have its own traffic issues they are nothing compared to the congestion in and around Denver. Denver traffic is a common occurrence at all hours of the day. This can even be true on weekends and holidays. In Fort Collins 5:00 PM can be a tough time to get around. However, most of the day you shouldn’t have any trouble getting from point A to point B.

Community Feel

Image of bikes in Old Town Fort Collins illustrating the community feel when considering Is It Better To Live In Fort Collins or Denver?

Denver and its affiliated suburbs are a sprawling mix of development. This can make it difficult to have a real cohesive community feel. Of course there are some areas where this isn’t the case. However, by and large the Denver area lacks a real community connection outside of its local sports teams. Fort Collins on the other hand is just small enough to result in a feeling of community. We have Colorado State University and all of its sports teams to cheer for. Additionally, if you frequent the same spots you will likely begin to make friends with other regulars.

Is It Better To Live In Fort Collins or Denver: Job Opportunities

Due to its size and the fact it is a capital city Denver will always be able to provide more opportunities for jobs than other cities in Colorado. However, these opportunities often come with steeper competition both from inside and outside the area. This is especially true in the era of remote work. Fort Collins boasts a number of large employers like Broadcom, Otterbox and Colorado State University among many others. Competition for these positions can often be less intense than you might experience in Denver and other large metro areas.

Still trying to understand the question, is it better to live in Fort Collins or Denver? Contact us today and we can discuss some of the benefits of Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. We even offer a tour of the area if you are interested. If you still think Denver is a better fit we can help make some introductions to smooth out your transition to a new area.

About the Bucking Horse Neighborhood Fort Collins

Fort Collins is made up of many unique neighborhoods.  Over the course of the next few months, we will be featuring different Fort Collins neighborhoods so that you can learn about them.  The Bucking Horse neighborhood in Fort Collins is a midtown neighborhood that is wonderful for many reasons.  The neighborhood is located East of Timberline between Drake and the railroad tracks near Prospect.  It is made of varied housing options, offering everything from apartments, condos, townhomes, patio homes and single family homes from 2,500 square feet to nearly 6,000 square feet. Construction is not complete.  It is still possible to purchase one the last remaining lots and have a new home in the neighborhood.  

Did you know?

That Bucking Horse neighborhood in Fort Collins was not always called Bucking Horse?  The neighborhood began development during 2005 and 2006 with the condo project on the corner of Drake and Timberline, followed by the colorful, two story, single family Bungalows that were built just north and east of the condos.  A local builder Bartan built single family homes along Drake Rd. After that, construction and the development of the neighborhood slowed to a standstill. Later, the development name was changed to Bucking Horse and Bellisimo Construction, a local construction company, continued the development.  Jessup Farm came to fruition as a part of the neighborhood.  The farm includes restaurants, ice cream shop, coffee shop, brewery and boutique. Additionally, onsite chickens provide eggs for the restaurants. The plan was to have additional farm animals and a working farm as a part of the neighborhood. This idea was later abandoned. 

The midtown location of the Bucking Horse neighborhood in Fort Collins

Puts it close to shopping and many other restaurants. The neighborhood is also close to the Power trail and only one mile from both the Spring Creek Trail and the Poudre River Trail. This makes it a nice location to take off and enjoy a dog walk, bike ride or a run.  The core of the neighborhood is the pool, club house and park. It is the gathering spot for activities including movie night and all sorts of fun.  Many of the homes offer front porches which become great evening sitting spots.  The friendly neighborhood means you will be greeted with waves and hellos, as you pass by. Why not make Bucking Horse your neighborhood? Contact us for more information about this or any other neighborhood you are interested in.