Should You Stage Your Home In A Seller’s Market

Home staging helps your listing appeal to the greatest number of buyers. However, should you stage your home in a seller’s market? There are a few reasons that this is a vital component of listing your home that you do not want to overlook.

Should You Stage Your Home In A Seller’s Market: Your House Looks Better

A photo of a dining room showing that you should stage your home because it makes a room look bigger.

Homes that are staged look bigger. This also means that they appear more valuable. Think about the last time you were in a vacant home. What did you feel? Now think about a time you saw a well decorated home. If you were a buyer which property could you see yourself living in? You want buyers to see your home looking its best. You dress up for an interview, so wouldn’t you dress your home up for a potential buyer?

Tugging on Heartstrings

Staging makes buyers fall in love with your property. Emotionally invested buyers are more likely to work harder to make sure they get to buy. This means that they may overlook other issue with the home. Issues that non emotionally invested buyers may have a problem with. Staging helps to make sure that the buyers for your home stay in love with the property gets them to the closing table.

Should You Stage Your Home In A Seller’s Market: Photographs

A photo of a kitchen counter showing that you should stage your home because it makes a home looks better in photographs

Home staging means that your MLS photos will look much better. These pictures are the first thing that entice potential buyers to come and view your home. We hear from buyers all the time that they didn’t like the way a home looked in photographs online. It is because of this that they often rule the property out before even seeing it in person. This means that you should do everything in your power to make this first impression count.

Return on Investment

Staging has a substantial return on investment. Staging can cost hundreds of dollars. However, it can result in thousands of dollars in increased value for the property. It may feel like just another thing to have to deal with. However, if we told you that you could make a few thousand dollars for an hour of your time you would probably jump at the opportunity.

More Money

Beyond providing a solid return on investment homes that are staged sell faster and for more money that homes that are not. This is because buyers are able to see more value in a home that appears to be happy and lived in. Moreover, vacant homes appear cold and less valuable. At the end of the day you want to make sure that you are able to walk away from your home sale with the most money possible.

Did you know that when you list your home with us home staging is included? Contact us for help listing and staging your home. Doing so will attract more buyers helping your property sell faster and for more money.

Simple Home Staging Tips

No matter how hot the market is most sellers get a bit anxious before officially putting their home on the market. They question whether they have good decorator taste. They also question if the buyers will be excited when they see the home and want to buy it. Here are some Simple Home Staging Tips. Staging can take some of the guess work away and insure that buyers will see themselves living in your home and be willing to offer what it takes to buy it!

According to the National Association of Realtors:

  • 31 % of buyers increase their offer by 1% to 5% because the home was staged.
  • 77% of buyers felt more able to see themselves moving into a home that was staged
  • 40% of buyers were more willing to visit a staged online listing.

It is easy to see from this information that staging is beneficial for homes of all sizes and price ranges. It affects both online views and in person showings.

So here are some Simple Home Staging Tips for selling your home for potentially more money and a shorter amount of time.

  • Remove the clutter. This is the number one rule in home staging. Removing clutter can entail removal of extra furniture and all of the stuff that can keep a run from feeling as spacious and functional as it should. If you do not have room for these extra things but would like to keep them it may be time to rent a storage unit.
  • Become a clean freak! Cleaning is an important part of making sure that your home looks its best. Deep clean before the home is listed for sale and then regularly as they home is one the market. It is a good idea to do these three things every day while your home is on the market. Mop and vacuum. Wipe down surfaces and a make beds. A nice clean scent can be appealing too. Be careful overpowering smells can be a turn off.
  • De-personalize your home. Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in your home. If you have too many personal photos and mementos out Buyers can have a hard time imagining themselves in the space and instead feel like they are simply visiting your home. Do not forget to put away your personal care and grooming items too!
  • Make it neutral. Give your home a quick makeover by painting rooms light, neutral colors. Neutral colors are not just for paint. Simple white towels hanging in the bathroom and other light accessories go a long way.

Getting a home ready for sale is no easy task. The benefits of preparing your home for sale far outweigh the time and effort that you put into it. Lestel provides professional home staging advice and can bring in product so that you do not need to go out and purchase items used to stage your home. Doing this can make a huge difference in what you walk away with when you sell your home. Contact Lestel to learn more!