You Love Your Home But Hate Your Kitchen

If you love your home, hate your kitchen it sounds like it’s time to do a kitchen remodel. Kitchens are a huge part of a home. They are where we spend the most amount of time with our family, cooking, eating or even working. A kitchen remodel done right can add to the resale value of the home. When you remodel your kitchen you want to love the end result and you also want to make sure that your choices will stand the test of time. We are well aware that must haves in remodeling can quickly become something you should not do anymore.

Here are some kitchen design trends going away in 2023, according to experts and interior designers. The first trend that is fading away this year is the all white kitchen. All white everything, white walls, white tile, and carrera marble is on its way out. People are now wanting color. They are tired of the muted palettes. Most designers agree that white on white kitchens will now look dated.

An image of a kitchen depicting the kitchen design trends of 2023 for when You Love Your Home But Hate Your Kitchen

Open kitchens are also starting to become controversial. Open floor plans work for some, but others do not like seeing their dirty dishes when they eat dinner. For families with young children an open floor plan can be particularly challenging. For this reason the more traditional style is coming back with the kitchen, dining room and great room more compartmentalized.

Another controversial design trend that is sticking around is open shelving. Upper cabinets are dwindling and they say that open shelving is here to stay. Open shelving can look messy, but can also show off your personal style. The minimal uncluttered look is in, but you can still show off things you love.

The last design choice that I will highlight that is going away in 2023 is installing the microwave over the range. This has been the standard for years. If you are a short person you know how challenging it can be to use an over the range microwave and you are celebrating this change. What is replacing the microwave over the stove is up to the homeowner. It can be a beautiful range hood or additional storage.

When you do a kitchen remodel, make sure to do your research. Shop around, talk to experts and avoid the trendy selections so that your kitchen remodel will stand the test of time. That is how you address when you love your home but hate your kitchen. Have any specific interior design questions? We would be happy to help you make sure to make the most of your investment. Contact us today!

Steps To Remodel

You have just bought your home and your plan is to make some changes to make it feel more like you.  Part of making your home yours is a kitchen and/or a bath remodel and there are several steps to remodel that you should follow.  But what does that mean and how do you go about it? 

Here are seven steps to remodel to get you on your way  

Space Constraints

Start with how you will use the space and what is important to you and your family. Is the kitchen missing an island that you wished it had?  Does it not have a pantry that is really important to you?  How many people usually are cooking at the same time?  For that bath remodel do you really need two sinks or is counter top space more important?  Ask the questions to make sure your end product works for you and your family. 

When Considering The Steps to Remodel Remember Style 

Look at inspiration on Houzz and Instagram. Put together a board of what you like.  You will realize that you are putting like things on the board.  The same color scheme, the same style of tile, same color of cabinets.  After you see that you have the fourth white kitchen, I believe that you have made your decision on the color of your cabinets. 

Look for ways to save money 

Moving plumbing is expensive.  If you can work with the same basic layout this will save you money.  Buying tile that can be installed in one-foot sheets will save you money over tile that needs to be installed in individual pieces.  

Make your wish list

What is most important to you?  Is it the quality of the cabinets or are you a tile nut that wants really special tile for the backsplash and floor? Maybe really high-end counter tops are what is most important.  Think about this.  Most of us cannot get high-end everything in our remodel. 

If you decide to use a designer

Be honest about your budget and make sure that you are not pushed above it.  Make sure you are communicating with your designer and give him/her good information so that they are not spending hours guessing what you want.  You will save design time and money in the long run. 

When Going Through the Steps to Remodel Don’t Forget About Budget 

It is VERY important to have a budget on what you plan to spend on the project.  You can also be detailed and break the budget down into how much you are willing to spend on the various parts of the project.  This is not something to keep a secret.  Share it with the people that you are working with. Remember to take into account what you can recoup in the sale when it is time to move on from your home.  

Right People

Lastly and perhaps most importantly work with the right people.  Make sure that you get recommendations from people that have done a remodel recently.  Meet with a couple of contractors before making a decision. Make sure that you understand the scope of the work that contractor will do and the charges before you agree.  You will be spending a lot of time with this person.  Make sure that you can communicate well with them. This key to having a successful project. 

Following these steps to remodel as your guide can help you have a successful remodel project and make those dreams of your new kitchen or bath come true. Contact Us and we can put you in touch with the right people or help you to decide what areas will give you the most bang for your buck.  

Where to Splurge During Home Makeovers

During the last year with COVID, many of us have spent a lot of time at home. Even more of us decided where to splurge during home makeovers. The rest of us have been evaluating our homes and planning updates and upgrades to improve our homes and make our homes more pleasing to us. If you find yourself doing this, know that you are not alone. The remodeling market has been busy recently with many homeowners wanting to renovate their homes. As you are planning your renovations, you will be making many decisions. These decisions will affect how much the project costs. What should you splurge on what you scrimp on? Here are some ideas.


When deciding where to splurge during home makeovers it is important to think of the bathrooms. When doing a bath remodel spend extra money on the quality toilets, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures and consider all other items as the icing on the cake. By splurging on a toilet for example, you can save money on water over the lifetime of use.


If you are planning a kitchen remodel a good place to save money is on the backsplash. The backsplash is something that can be changed pretty easily and updated in the future for a big impact, so don’t spend a lot. Splurge on the cabinets. They are expensive but can last years and years if you buy quality.


Splurge on structural changes that are made to your home. As a Realtor I have seen the sunroom addition that 10 years later pulling away from the main home and causing major problems. Also, make sure you hire a well qualified, licensed contractor to do any structural changes to your home.


Splurge on real wood floors. I know you may not agree with this, but home buyers do love the real thing and this can be a selling point some day when it comes time to sell your home. Flooring manufactures have come up with some great products, but there is still nothing like real wood floors.

Paint is an item to scrimp on. Even cheap paint can last until the next time you want a room to be a different color. Most of us really cannot tell the difference between expensive paint and the cheap stuff, so here is an area to save money.

In the end, enjoy all of the decisions that home renovations require, but know that you do not need to splurge and buy the most expensive of everything. Contact Us for more assistance in deciding where to spend your hard earned money during a home makeover.