Pandemic Moving

We know that the pandemic has affected the real estate market across the country.  It has caused a lot of people to decide to make a move.  Over 8.9 million people have relocated since the beginning of the pandemic.  This information is from collected from both the National Association of Realtors and the United States Postal Service from March to October of 2020.  Top ten states with the most people moving IN during this time include: New Jersey, South Carolina, Maryland, Iowa, Connecticut, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio and Mississippi.  The top ten states with people moving OUT include: New York over 10,000 people left New York, New York alone, Texas, District of Columbia. North Carolina, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois. Minnesota, West Virginia and Florida. Much of this moving has been out of major cities. 

Pandemic Moving, Big Gains

One of the communities that has seen the biggest gain in in pandemic moving is Williamson County, Texas.  They have seen over 3,800 people move there. Interesting since the state of Texas has had a record number of people leaving the state.

In the data

Colorado was not mentioned as one of the top 10 for people moving in or out.  I have seen many people relocating here.  If you can live anywhere while you are able to work remotely, who wouldn’t love to live here with a view of the mountains from your desk.  This has increased our demand for both properties to buy and rent.  National Association of Realtors is expecting similar patterns of moving to play out in 2021.  Remember if you know anyone that is moving.  I can connect them to a great agent anywhere.  We are a part of a great organization that includes the top four percent of agents nationwide.  This means that I can interview agents and pick the perfect person for them to work with. Contact me for assistance today.

Remodeling in an Appliance Shortage

With the Coronavirus Pandemic a lot of people have been stuck at home. With this often comes the realization that their current space doesn’t actually suit their needs. This is something that is easy to overlook if you work all day and come home to cook dinner watch T.V. read a book and sleep, but when you are home every day it becomes a little harder to ignore it if your home doesn’t fit you or your family’s needs.

Once you make this realization you essentially have two choices, move to a home that better fits your needs, be it space or amenities, or make your current home work. While there have been a substantial amount of people moving this year, there have also been a large number choosing option #2 and remodeling their homes. This brings us back to the title of this post. Lately we have noticed that folks have been having trouble ordering appliances. A little more digging located an article from CNBC that confirms this to be the case. Learn about Remodeling in an Appliance Shortage.

Remodeling in an Appliance Shortage

Currently, appliances are hard to get ahold of, and the increased demand is only one part of the reason why. This shortage also results from manufacturing shortages due to COVID and the disruption of supply chains. This means that depending on brand and model if you order an appliance today it’s delivery may not be until well after new years. Not all hope is lost. If you need a new fridge today the used market is still out there. Finding something on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist might help you bridge the gap between now and when you can have a new model delivered.

However, if you are doing a full remodel and already have your dream makes and models in your cart on Lowes’ or Home Depot’s websites you might be in for a bit of a wait. Make sure of the date of delivery for these appliances before you start any major remodel work, or your kitchen may be out of commission longer than you originally anticipated. That’s what you need to know about Remodeling in an Appliance Shortage. Contact us for more information.