How to Declutter

Minimalist HomePart of preparing a home for sale is de-cluttering. However, how to declutter? This process can be so challenging because there is often an emotional side of the process. I am identifying four types of emotional clutter. Sometimes by identifying the type of clutter you have, you are on your way to letting go.

Aspirational Clutter

Aspirational clutter is that guitar that you bought yourself years ago because you wanted to learn to play it and you still have not taken a lesson and have not touch the instrument in years other than to dust it. It can also be the boxes of note cards and birthday cards you bought to send to people that just never seem to get sent. Give yourself a timeline to do it and then part with the item so you are not just storing it.

Gifts you cannot let go of

Another type of clutter is, gifts you cannot let go of. Most all of us have received a gift that we did not really want. What you do with that gift is up to you. After all it was a gift. If the person that gave you the gift will not notice that you got rid of the ugly piece of artwork, let it go. The article of clothing that never did fit right, let it go.

Nostalgic clutter

Nostalgic clutter can be one of the hardest types of clutter to part with. These are the items that bring back a flood of memories of good times and possibly accomplishments of our past. Sometimes these things serve no real purpose in our lives anymore. How to declutter? Take a picture of the prom dress and let it go.

Your kid’s stuff (especially artwork)

It is natural to want to keep mementos of your kid’s childhood and their many first. Your child’s artwork, however, can over take a home. Limit yourself to extra special pieces or a certain number. Display the pieces and once that display is full the rest has to go. The child will feel good that you are displaying their art and they can help you decide what piece they want to showcase and then it will be easier for both of you to part with the rest.

A move is a new beginning. Use it as a time to free yourself of unwanted and unused items. Free yourself of the clutter and have a lighter new beginning. That is how to declutter. Contact us with any questions.