Real Estate Clichés

ClicheMany of us have heard the clichés in real estate. There are quite a few of them. I
would like to touch on three and we can see if they still are relevant and
important for today’s buyers and sellers to keep in mind when they are in the
1. Location, location, location.
2. You get what you pay for.
3. Less is more.
Let’s start with “location, location, location.” I feel that the three things that are
important to keep in mind when purchasing real estate. Those three things are
price, location and condition. Location is important, but not more important than
price and condition. You can sell anything if the price is right. Buyers and seller
can disagree about makes an ideal location. Also a location that one buyer loves,
may not be perfect for another buyer. So location is important but not the only
thing to consider. Condition of a home can drive the price of the home as much, if
not more than the location. All three factors are important.
“You get what you pay for.” This saying has been around forever and is used in
and out of real estate. I agree that this one is just as true today as it was back
when. This is important one for sellers to remember. It is possible to list your
home with a discount brokerage but you are taking a huge risk to save a few
dollars. It is important to have a skilled agent market, generate buyers for your
home and negotiate for you once an offer has been received!
“Less is more.” This is a popular saying that applies to sellers when preparing
their home for sale. Clearing out the clutter is important. But sellers will be
happy to know that you can clear too much. If you have a kitchen counter with
nothing on it, that counter can look cold. You want buyers to see a home. Make
sure you have some decorative pillows out, some fun décor on the kitchen
counters and pictures on the walls. This is where staging comes in and is so
important. Staging helps your home appeal to the greatest number of buyers.
Staging makes it easier for buyers to imagine the property as their future home.
So there you have it. Most of these pearls of real estate wisdom are as true today
as when they were in the past.