Home of the Future

20171220_133253While real estate prices in Northern Colorado have gone gangbusters in the last few years thankfully our prices have not yet reached San Francisco proportions. The median home price in Fort Collins Colorado currently is $430,000. Meanwhile, the median home price in Loveland Colorado is $379,000. The median price in San Francisco California is $1.36 Million.

Over the years there have been some crazy ideas of how homes should look. Take for example the pink corner toilet in this picture. In San Francisco there is a new model of cheap living called Pod Share. This Pod Share model currently provides “residents” in San Francisco a bed in a nook with a small T.V. for $1200 a month. Some other amenities such as ramen noodles and toilet paper, though probably not pink, are apparently included.

However, $1200 in Northern Colorado could rent you a very nice 1 bedroom apartment. A middle of the road 2 bedroom apartment or with 20% down could buy you a home at $300,000. Northern Colorado might not be Silicon Valley but we offer a wide variety of tech oriented companies including Intel, HP, Broadcom as well as a number of smaller startups. What San Francisco doesn’t offer is the excellent access to outdoor recreation opportunities that we are able to enjoy throughout the Front Range. We also have more restaurants per capita. If affordability is what you are interested in, you are certainly  better off calling Northern Colorado home. But now you know that Pod Share is an option, if San Francisco is for you!

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